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Today we're having an adventure. I'm going to take you on a tour of a new museum. That is called planet. Word combining two of my favorite topics on earth language and the planet. And before we do the tour. I have the privilege of talking to an friedman who is the ceo. founder chief. cook and bottle washer. She made this happen. It's her vision. And she is a former first grade teacher. And i'm really to hear about this so here we are green connections. Radio is bringing you to planet word. We haven't taken a tour yet. So i will learn a lot as we go welcomed reconnections connections radio where we bring you insights from remarkable women. Innovators in energy sustainability at corporate responsibility and diversity on john michaelson. I'm just gonna launch right in right now actually. 'cause i'm just so excited to be here. So welcome and welcome to green actions radio and thank you for hosting us your brand spanking new facility. My pleasure thank you for talking to me and being interested of course so first. Let's go to the origin story if you will. How did this idea come to you. You've been a teacher reading and writing your obviously married to journalists censure that has an influence so talk about how you came up with this idea and how you made it happen so i retired from teaching in two thousand eleven. But i wasn't ready to leave literacy or education. That was really important to me and so i tried a few different volunteer opportunities and nothing was quite right and then i read an article in the new york times about the launching of a new museum of mathematics in new york city..

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