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Time all right what are you better act quarterbacking for use coaching definitely quarterbacking what are the challenges I know you do this a lot one of the challenges with youth coaching you know I take unfortunately because of what I've experienced as a player on my own expectation out of myself the challenges of coaching youth is to get them all wired into focus into listed that down what you thought you want that but it's all good and I'm telling you coaching girls and coke boys completely different I'd almost rather coach girls all the time because of their ability to listen and to focus them boys man it's like herding cats trying to get their pay attention for ten seconds but you know I'm blessed to be able to do it out the time to do it and I have four kids that are very active so it makes dad life that much sweeter I'll tell you why for us man it's a good little snapshot even when the girls are are Yang it's just in their DNA they they just listen better than our staff is just throw out the lowly you of course born in Gilroy what's your favorite food item that includes garlic all right up to go back to the garlic festival the good Ole pepper steak sandwich man about was always the classic you have to let the grilled sourdough bread baking full of full of garlic bread and butter and then the the pepper steak with the peppers in that day the the state to stop hating the garlic I mean that's that's some good stuff right there now that was a that was a big boy answer right there that was outstanding that may be very hungry all right last one was the best thing to do with a day off in Canada what's your fishermen man go out and fly the bow river that is one that you can go out into the foothills of the mountains on the way to ban up which is a beautiful location just outside of Calgary there's some great rivers but the bow river flows right through the middle of Calgary that's one of the great things to do up there go get your fly fishing rod to get out of that river and start fishing I love it I love it my son loves to fish where we may have to put a little trip together Hey Jeff great to have you thank you thank you so much that I you got it man you guys have take care and anytime Jeff Garcia joining us with all of his perspective after the forty Niners get that big victory over of the saints were had to midnight and how some final thoughts coming up next right here on the sports.

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