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Obviously the border wall. In the meantime, budget talks are resuming today after they fell apart over the weekend on whether or not there's going to be a deal with Democrats and the president. And of course, the Republicans or they're not even in it because it's going to be the president is going to control this. If the president is okay with that boom there. He's going to sign anything. And he's telling the Republicans what he will sign what he walked. So it's the Democrats and the president acting chief of staff of the weekend saying, hey, okay. The president might be willing to budge from his point seven billion. Okay, fine. He'll take less. However there has to be a lower limit. Yeah. What is that lower limit? Don't know yet. You've got the fight over beds. And the number of there are Democrats who want to cap the number of illegal immigrants that can ever be detained there. The Democrats are going all over the place. Including and this needs to be said specifically, including people who are here illegally who commit crimes, they wanna put a cap on the number of those kinds of people that can be held by is. Yeah, it's pretty it's pretty nuts. Although they're arguing that we're talking about minor misdemeanors or even arrests for minor new misdemeanors. Keep in mind that if someone is arrested does that mean they've committed a crime that means they've just been arrested and accused so both sides have a point for sure, it's it's it's crazy. It really is juicy. Rick Mulvaney on face on meet the press yesterday. He was fantastic. Old MC MC spokespeople. For articulate. He doesn't B S anybody. He actually answers the questions. I mean, I thought he did a particularly good job was spinning a little bit and denying that he heard anything which is almost impossible for chief of staff. I didn't hear that at all. I don't know. Yeah. Right. Tomorrow is governor new SIMS for state of the state, and he's expected to announce the withdrawal of hundreds of national guard troops from the border..

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