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And it's well put it's a long process, but I'm not happy about it. It's a real shame. Speaking of a long process in our head up our ass. Let's talk about bohemian rhapsody. Okay. Bohemian rhapsody one a toured tonight a won best actor in a drama for Romney Malik who you know. I I'm loath to use the word deserving. I think that's a silly thing to talk about around this time, but he gives a great performance, and the reason this movie works at all is because he obviously gave everything he had to it and worked his ass off and get very nice ver-, very very sincere speech perhaps to sincere. It was. It was not one of the knights. Best beaches. I agree bohemian. The also won for best drama, which is she's fucking weird. Like, it's just it's just just really stupid. This movie is not good. It's not worthy of being in the category. It's also a false category option. Like, there's just so many things about this. There's no mention of Bryan singer during the telecast, he filmed approximately sixty percent of this film. He's obviously a pariah right now in the industry. I know we said a million times every likes to listen to queens. Songs? I I love to listen to Queen songs. Let the louder the better. But this is this is like a joke. This is why people are like this award show sucks. I green book is why people are like this is why this war show sucks. And I think that this is why people are like, I don't respect the Golden Globes because this is so stupid. It's six of one half dozen of the other. There's a there's a little bit of difference because the green book thing is just kind of like, and this is low what? And size. Started speaking internet terms. But it's funny in our in the ringer slack about the worship inmate at people were dissecting this went, and there were a lot of people saying, you know, what I had fun bohemian rhapsody. And so did everyone, I know and guess what I did too. We have to able as a society and also as people who freaking vote on awards, even if they're made up ones, and you're not real journalists to tell the difference between movies that are fun and enjoyable and movies that are good. And this is this is this is the time to talk about the good movies and bohemian rhapsody is not one of them. That's what I have to say. When the as came out last week, the PGA nominations for best picture there were a few notable omissions, particularly if Beale street could talk, and but we interrupt see was on the list. And there are a couple of reasons for that. I think one of the reasons this is kind of secondhand wisdom that I've received as Graham king, the producer of the movie is a very well respected producer in Hollywood. He'd been dying to get bohemian f c made for many. Many years and he fought hard to get it done. And he got it to the studio with a real budget, and they did a big it really back any higher big time director, and he high he got the right star after many other people had been up for the role and didn't get it. And he pulled it off and it turned into a massive hit. And that's a good story for Hollywood. You know, they made a massive hit inside the studio system with and they made a new movie star. And they were able to celebrate show business in a way. So I get that. But I also think it's really gonna come at the expense of a lot of stuff..

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