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It was Mandy the doors here in a few minutes we'll get back into the deluxe sound it is podcasts interview with Bob memory so we'll get back to that for the poll question again acts gateway Colorado on Twitter who will be the Broncos defensive MVP in twenty twenty five Miller drill Casey Bradley Chubb or Justin Simmons will give you our take on that coming up here in just a little bit thrill three seven one three eighty five eighty five five six six nine zero again as we're watching kind of the local news in here and keep it locked right here on K. away news radio we'll have updates throughout the evening for you it's so it's definitely kind of a scary situation down there downtown so where where possible to it being advised to avoid that area if you're gonna drive near that area you my want to consider alternate routes and and again we have a different couple with traffic too so he's getting keeping you up to date on everything as well yeah it's it really really is kind of kind of scary out there right now I guess you know I really hoping that everybody you know everybody's kind of on edge a bit on edge for a couple months and I think some that angers pouring out of the group had some some some trigger points was on these things that angers poured out right now on and I hope everybody can can take a deep breath I understand that there are things out there that were all angry about but I feel like it's it's probably more productive if we channel that anger into a into figuring out how to fix these problems rather than firing shots at the capitol are jumping on cars and and impeding traffic I don't feel like that solves anything understand it lets your anger I but I don't think it really solves anything so just my two cents on it well said so Nicholas Bailey actually we're gonna have on in in a couple of moments he is a doctoral candidate is doing a dissertation on the topic of minority hiring in the NFL so I can't wait to talk to but he also took a shot at the fifty five man roster earlier today and I was kind of reading through this you could you jump to a couple position groups right you jump to wide receivers he jumped the fence backs yep exactly wide receiver is pretty pretty interesting he's got the the usual suspects Courtland Sutton Jerry Judy Tim Patrick cagey Hamler Deonte Spencer for his sixth wide receiver it'll go six goes Tyree Cleveland which means trying to Benson Tamara manning chuan Winfrey DaeSean Hamilton tell McKnight Fred brown Kendall Hinton or all not on the active roster yeah I don't think that's the way it's gonna play out would be interesting to see technically what I think is probably a practice squad candidate as are most of the names on there that that that you just mentioned a shot Hamilton not that the other ones would be would be practice squad candidates and you know I think that's one of things we talk about every year with the practice squad already gets all uptight because somebody could steal them yeah there there was like twelve practice squad thefts over the course of the entire season last year in the entire NFL a generally doesn't happen so yeah if you want to keep some of those guys you know we'll see maybe directly was ready to go right away that I thought was kind of raw to use his private practice quite yet Nick manning joining us here from predominately orange at in manning ten Nick thanks for joining us this evening how are you man I'm sorry how are you good we're doing all right there is a lot of heavy stuff out there I've I saw you tweeting a little bit earlier so we do appreciate coming on and talking a little sports with us for a little bit to try to I consider taking people to the best we can to to kind of bridge the gap here we're just going over your your roster here as you are put together your twenty twenty roster interesting stuff we're gonna to get to that get back to that here in a matter of moments but one of the reasons we want to have you on is very unique you're a doctoral candidate doing a dissertation on the topic of minority hiring in the NFL that is fantastic man what made you what what what inspired you to do that topic well first and foremost I wonder a commend you guys on having the conversation initially I really appreciated here enough the topic brought up last week oftentimes it doesn't get discussed it it up get more reported about where they live or what the update but not really any discussion says really glad to hear you to discuss the last week I thought that was wonderful really to be honest with you I have quite a few family members who are or or active in civil or active enough to work processes and that kind of stuff and I always thought that was great and then obviously my my personal experience because you're going through the world recognizing that there was a lack of diversity just in our own industry and how that went I'm not the kind of with the with the passion of sport it's it's another area an industry where where minorities are under represented in you can go down the warm all used to dig in and and you you you go in thinking to find some information to present people it seems to me in this is something I've I've I've largely champion desert the pipeline for getting these minority coaches from assistant positions up into the coordinator roles and into the head coaching it feels like that's where the breakdown is and it felt to me like the Rooney rule while interesting and and and helps to get guys in the interview room and help out with those kinds of things doesn't really solve the problem which is creating this pipeline the guys kind of break the glass ceiling from going on from being assistant coaches into leadership roles involve as coaches sat in your experience in your research is that something that would seem to be true or is or is a mile off the mark here no I think you're I think you're pretty right on I think first and foremost when we look at it you have to really look at who the decision makers aren't so we kind of look at the make up of the the ownership groups and what the diversity of their they're the really big connection with people who want to select people who look like them you feel more comfortable with individuals who look like you who represent something that you feel connected with you know the donor Carolina said that Matt will reminded him of a young him and when you realize that kind of thinking which is the bias that most of us share to be quite honest and really kind of operate that way you're going to make that the same kind of decision so really the pipeline really struggled to happen without a really strong initiative and I thought the NFL while a bit off of the mark with with Canada and if fuel proposal to the to the renewal of this year but I think it was enough of a jolt to show that there needed to be something to be addressed I think it continues to need to be addressed one of the biggest areas that you know most coaches who get their first opportunity or additional opportunity office coaches there's not a lot of minorities that are given the opportunity to to coat on that side of the ball so I think that that's one area for sure if you're going to be kind of a pipeline perspective initiatives that were really need to get after that well I'm hunter said we're green with you and that that's one of the things I think they were trying to to really kinda push forward especially opportunities for quarterbacks coaches who would be a great start but again it in the in that for me a lot of this does feel like lip service until they actually kind of find the right solution but at the same time we we keep throwing things against the wall sort of hoping one of them will stick it in and in the end it it kind of comes back and this will almost everybody says well these billion dollar organizations can ultimately say what they want to say they're just gonna hire who they want to hire how do you get around that absolutely I think I think of that in lieu where the where the trouble is right and so really what it takes is that takes intention and that takes from from a driving force it takes from new ownership blood a really big push from the commissioner's office and in the end there's got to be a really big desire there or public outcry right so some of those things have to be online I you know when it when the population of players that are not weighted over seventy percent and this year they're going to be coached you know by less than twelve and a half percent of of coaches of color obviously that kind of shows the disconnect from the population of people that are leading these men and without really unintentional desire to do and I think you hit lip service for the benefit was really great about creating kind of a spark the look like they're going to have a a quality initiative to really address some social issues and they kinda flip underwhelming proposal underneath which is in a little bit about what they did right now and not really hitting hitting the issue that needs to happen the kind of kicking the can down the road so really it's going to take it's going to take some serious push from from several people with power to be able to get this thing moving yes yeah the the Rooney rule has been in place it was established in two thousand three seventeen years ago it doesn't seem to have done anything to have it levy the issue or certainly helped facilitate correcting the issue just kind of does feel like you mentioned lip service to it there have been candidates who have come out of there and gotten a coaching job Mike Tomlin Vance Joseph for instance but you know in the end without without laying the ground work without laying a roadmap for guys to it to to be able to hit these very prestigious and and very few jobs that there are available just doesn't feel like this problem's going to be resolved anytime soon no I think that's absolutely right you know that and I think your show you to talk about it last week is that it there needs to be more being done that is hiring the best person for the job I mean if you look at it for it much as I'm excited now for Pat Shurmur coming on board he got you got most like ocean jobs with minimal with minimal production on those right now I think you could say the same for the comparison of Eric B. enemy versus Kevin to fantasy this year at that looks like a B. enemy on paper would be the the choice however didn't really get the opportunity again the independent though I do think that really there needs to be the more push something needs to be different I think in essence the renewal of a spark that having the conversation did you saw an initial incline until about two thousand and ten but since she doesn't intend really trending in the wrong way obviously I think the first thing I need to get done of the knowledge meant that what we're doing isn't working and stop doing what we've done because it'll just keep us where we are and they're really trying to find something new that's gonna get us the result you know that makes it much more reflective of the population that the NFL is and who they're really trying to reach no well said Nick manning joining us here from predominately orange guineas a doctoral candidate doing a dissertation on the topic of minority hiring in the NFL was switch gears a little bit and get to your roster that you put out on predominately orange dot com and as I said to be in the first thing that I I basically anytime I see somebody put together a roster I I immediately go to wide receivers and DBS because I want to find out basically you who made the cut because those those two positions seem to be the most up for grabs at least at the back into the roster on both of those do you find those also L. as kind of the the top ones to pay attention to as we get to training camp is there any other ones that you would include in there what and even though the that I think those are the two that are are going to be in the most fox this year and I think we can all acknowledge that obviously bring and gauging Ambler and jury duty that instantly kind of sparks that room meant to how does that shake down several kind of get the ball down a notch that is that think Tim Patrick has a leg up and I think I've heard you talk about that a little bit if there's an opportunity without opiates are going on right now to really kind of step in and take the number two job at least for a while to get the one which I think is going to provide him an opportunity to kind of stick and and then where the shake out right the sun I'm open that never really played.

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