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Of the big prize wednesday night's jackpot will blue do what else debated four hundred thirty million dollars what amid rising tensions between the united states and north korea president trump tweeted military solutions are now fully in place locked in loaded should north korea acted wisely hopefully kim jongun will find another path in an interview on abc's this week mr trump's national security adviser h r mcmaster was asked if that was true the us these military is locked and loaded every day and especially those who were on on the front lines of of freedom so as such as those that are that are stationed in south korea and those soldiers sailors airman and marines that are stationed in northeast asia or rotate there cnn's earned a coreowned report south korean say they've been living with a threat of north korea for decades but do want one thing what they want however is thought the us president donald trump to time down whose inflammatory language that act like a statesman and to do everything in his power to resolve this process of diplomatically cnn's antiquorum wbz news time 1132 take a look at sports on this sunday afternoon socks the yankees in the big apple this weekend wbz's johnny bridge route is keeping an eye on it from the aticketcom sport's studio mit finale of their threegame set tonight it'll five first pitch chris sale on the hill for the red sox jordan montgomery pitches for new york and the red sox have won nine of their last ten because we know we throwing the ball really well we've we've played really good defence we've had some big hits know score runs in a number of different ways we really ran the base as well and you know when you're able to do that and and just kinda put pressure on your opponents from from all angles than more times a not you're gonna you know you're going to be when the mall games and and i think that's what we've done these last few series and hopefully we can continue to build on that and ina and stay with that trans fats red sox mitch moreland american league east second inning toronto leads pittsburgh five two one fourth inning tampa over cleveland onenothing later on today 405 baltimore at oakland pga golf championship.

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