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Fourday wbz accuweather update and a sponsored by east boston savings bank increasing cloudiness and becoming more humid later at night right low temperature tonight near sixty seven in boston down to near just below sixteen some of the cooler suburbs tomorrow mostly cloudy with scattered showers and a few thunderstorms possible there will be some local downpours very humid highs near seventy seven showers and isolated thunder ending tomorrow night except on kate con the be some areas of fog it'll be sticky low's near sixty nine on saturday showers ending on the cape in the morning otherwise a mix of sunshine and clouds and rather humid by drier related today highs near 90 sunny to partly cloudy and less human highs near eighty seven on sunday and up to ninety one on monday and wbz tv meteorologist berry baghlan wbz newsradio 1030 partly sunny eighty in mortgages town official in dudley mass has been placed on administrative leave after poll who is doing a racist slur on facebook about cnn commentator simone sanders who was black no highway superintendent daniel yawns is the comment was made in the heat of the moment and admits it was a stupid thing to do but he says he's not a racist sanders at the time was commenting on the deadly violence in virginia yone will remain on paid leave until selectmen meet and discuss the matter next week we are seeing triple digit losses on the dow right now nasdaq and sp not far behind we're going to check in with adrienne mitchell over it blew okay yes wchs wchs loss scott everything you need to ready sex factor okay yes yes everything you need to ready sex factor there are lots of amazing cars on the road but perhaps none more amazing that the paid off car may not be pretty put the phrase.

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