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Joe rogan news according to newsweek dot com joe rogan caused something of a stir at the his latest park as in which the comedian said that coacher would lead to silencing of straight white men speaking to comedian joe liss on delays episode of his spotify podcast the joe rogan experience which the host says gets over two hundred million dollars per month on the platform rogan expressed concern about not being allowed to talk due to his privileged. You can never pardon my bellied folks. Sorry about that. You can never be woke enough that the problem accused going rogue is said on monday keeps going further and further down the line. And if you get to the point where you Excuse me Cap pizza too late and you agree to all these demands ale eventually get to where straight white men are not allowed to talk. Because it's your privilege to express yourself when other people of color have been silenced throughout history so the fifty-three-year-old podcast elaborated by saying that he thinks people will take advantage of whoa culture by calling some out because others have it worse it will be. You're not allowed to go outside. He added because so many people were imprisoned for so many. His guest started laughing. rogan continued. I'm not joking it really will get there. It's that crazy organ eventually concluded that people just need to be nice to each other. The podcast is comments have left some listeners. Scratching their heads as rogan himself. Says he has millions of listeners. As well as a spotify deal estimated to be worth over one hundred main according to the wall street journal someone tell joe rogan. He got a one hundred million podcast deal. He's he's doing just fine unless he lost his pin. Said comedian brainy posey. Oh man no future. Generations might be route of rogan's podcast Observations on the human condition stopping right now. Walk mob joke. Philip michaels Journalists at tom guide while the nation journalists ellie Asks can joe rogan point to one day in in american history where it straight white men. Shut the fuck up. Oh oh if you if you start the clock in thirteen eighty seven. Dave had roughly eight five thousand five hundred opportunities to give it a rest for day in have never once. Let the goddamn of spent without offering in opinion man political commentary twitter account the paul mar report added. Meanwhile jewelry really thinks that straight white men are fighting for their right to continue being allowed to speak. He's that secure about people in demographics. Finally get a shot at an equal voice. What if i can loser. Some twitter users pointed out that despite his loss pack for a number of the joe rogan experience were removed from spotify conservative comments Commentator tommy lauren. Defendant rogin tweeting will. Joe rogan is right. It's open season on straight white men in y'all need to stop bowing to the ma stop apologizing for being straight white men. Rogin is no stranger to controversy in abrahim spot. Fierce debate for saying that young people don't need to worry about the cover nineteen vaccine if they are healthy okay to the next topic. Amanda going a little a little bit of of damn tension on this motherfucker. Who is he to tell some. Marty not to worry about the gover- nineteen vaccine you. Fuck eighty we are in a middle of we in a minute of a dilemma. Because this corona virus has or if the unit tell somebody to to basically say that the to say that the healthy Needed first of all. You don't get to choose. All right. I hate to say. I don't really agree on things that he says so goes nothing look man. More stories are more for having opinions and stuff but the same time but the saint. Tom if you're not dot they're in you don't know what you're talking about me in need to really you really need to shut the fuck up. That's all. I'm saying if you know something just just just research what this research. What the topic's going to beat talked.

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