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Right now in center field, or Michael the Renton, and I cover my eyes if I had to play Jesse Winker in centerfield, no offense, Jesse. And if you're if you're then say, okay, I don't send him down. If you're going to get urban up here as another centerfield option who you gonna send down to get Philip Irvine up here. Your bench right now is four guys sitting Caselli down farmer Dietrich and Kemper Winker whoever's not playing. So I guess I guess my argument would be sent one of your eight relievers down if you're going to do that. I think they can manage their survive with seven relievers, especially with the days off, and I kind of figure sometimes the more relievers have the more you think about him in the more you want to use them in the more. You screw up things if that makes sense. So I'm almost inclined to give him less pitchers if that, and maybe then you'd stick with guys a little bit longer does that make sense. But if everybody wants Schindler down just think of the message of sending somebody down after seventeen at I would bet I don't know. I don't know if I could make that bet let's just say this. There are a lot of players in major league baseball last year who went without a hit for seventeen straight at bats. It may have happened in July. It may have happened in September. It may have happened in may Joey Votto headed over seventeen last year. Somebody look that up. Now, it's obviously the only information we have right now. And you could say a one in four streak in August is no big deal. But my counter is one in four is the only thing we can look at there's nothing behind it or in front of it. We're just looking at what we're looking at. And it's a one in four record. And it's an for seventeen for Scott shetler. It's clearly he is he is in a major funk and struggle to the point. He can't put the bat on the ball even pitches off so alleviate the pressure, but I'm sorry. I'm not sending sending Scott shetler to the minor leagues. I just I think it would be a bad look for the organization for David bell. If you bailed on a guy after five games. Go to the phones. Even you are on seven hundred wwl w. You tell me. Really wrong with the team. But that land they have it. I mean for last year's been. Right. Yes. I arising you'll leadoff spot. Pitches down. Peraza Lido spot last last year. Putting their. I have no problem doing that. I think Jose can do it. I think the trajectory of his career is pointing up, and I have no problems at this point rolling every strikeout. Three spot. This ain't no wait tweet should be Ben third off for the guys. Look at his the last years. I'm like this last you don't pay seventeen million dollars. Play. Tweet came. Urban keep in mind. They don't to the point. He didn't play a single inning of centerfield spring. Because you. Now. Now, keep in mind in the springs. Nixon's L was playing center field. That's true. That's true. You can't keep. Because urban has to come up here. Pitches down. That's not a bad move. Place in a field. Not hard Gaqa moves. He doesn't run as well as the use to and he's a bit of an adventure. But I want to say desperate times call for desperate measures. But I play around Philip urban. He gotta run thanks for the call Philip urban good centerfield. He's a better defensive center fielder than Scott Kimbler is. He's not a great defensive center fielder. But he's better than Scott Scheibner is I went through this on Twitter with people wanting to play center field saying he's he's faster and more athletic than Scott shetler. I don't know if you've ever either ever watched either one of them, but under no circumstance, Jesse waivers may be one of the slowest players in major league baseball. Jesse Winker is not more athletic than Scott and any is not faster than Scott shetler. Jesse Winker in center field, would I don't wanna say the equivalent of putting a cardboard cut out there with no range, but it would not be good. Again in the perfect world, you'd have another option up here with Scott shetler. But it's not a perfect word or perfect roster at the moment the reds in the thing is they they hit the ball hard today. I'm not reaching for for positives. It's the reality is they hit a lot of balls right at guys today. And maybe that's simply a credit to the Bruce for positioning. But the hit, Freddie, Pearl too hard get hits at three on the day. He retired twenty straight batters. In one point going to the eighth inning before. Casella got hit. Peralta was really good Castillo is really good and the red still had a chance in the ninth burner. Walked lead off the inning Lorenzen pinch. Ran Winker struck out vodka flew out Kemp, singled it was first and third swears at the plate. And he flies out. The game is over reds leadoff hitters. Don't have a hit this year over seventeen. So the outfielders not named Puig are one for forty two. The leadoff spot has not produced a hit or a run to this point.

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