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Not sponsored by the crane agency and who's hot may i submit jordan hicks to pitch with the bases loaded a swaying and a high fly ball medium right field valor is there he has it and the brewers leave the beast basesloaded may have stranded eight tonight what a job by jordan hicks straining three he came comes back into the game and works the eighth inning here's hicks with the one to pitch phillips swings and strikes out to strike outs for hicks can throw a to triple digits he can drop it down into a slider he walked to but struck out to in two scoreless innings he gave up one hit hicks era this season zero as the cardinals are holding on against the brewers they fall behind in the ninth inning two to one that run was given up by bud norris that's the who's not portion right now that would be matt bowman in the tenth after the cardinals tied the game in the knife bowman gave up an rbi single tour orlando arsia in the tenth greg garcia tied it in the bottom of the tenth with an rbi single moved the eleventh runner on for matt carpenter first basement holes against the runner the three men on the first base side of second here's the pitch to a carpenter homerun goodnight folks the red birds when this one to run home run by governor running out of the dugout to play score score as carpenter iffy myers teammates he jumped on home play winning walked off here in the bottom of the eleven my with the call what a win four hours in two minutes to play at the cardinals win at five three in eleven innings they're back at it this afternoon for a twelve fifteen start i'll have amarin total access at eleven.

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