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Thinking about it and like that sounds cheesy but like legit thinking about that moment of he in leaks he In that hug that they shared in the ring to the hug that they shared with the woman that was at bring sites having gone already Arabia myself and seeing The reception that women that women. It's incredible and that's it's just so groundbreaking. I don't think anyone thought That that match would ever happen to for naughty unless you to be able to go in and Filled that role and it just the way that the crowd reacted having women in the crowd there and to be a of a physical change. People can actually see the tangible thing for the women in Saudi Arabia. As much as they're changing times over there but to see women In such a powerful. or they're crazy. I mean it was just such a such an important moment I I can think I can. I get that image of my head so perfectly here. Even thinking of a few is so great and I think it's not easy to get that spot. She's so uh-huh deserving to be somebody who can be a change over there and to to you know. Get a little bit more credit. I really don't get enough credit for the women's evolution thing with Beth Phoenix a truly truly incredible journey for the women this last decade our very own Tommy Dreamer what he feels. The women's evolution is all about. We were there when the women were the as we say the bathroom break match and that was just the spot they were they were actually putting the spot to quiet. The crowd down for the main event event which is a horrible spot to be to be in but the women went out there and still worked their butts off and earned earned the respect of the locker room fast forward now where their main eventing Wrestlemainia this woman's movement it it was. Hey these girls or women are just as good as the guys and we need to be spotlighted. That and there was a little crack in the adore. Were they instead of putting their foot there. They kicked the door down. Trish stratus was the total package during the attitude era and was one of the first in the company to approve. Women should be taken seriously in the ring. She appeared on busted open prior to her retirement match at Summer Slam Two Thousand Nineteen First Charlotte flair there and spoke about the progression of the women since the attitude era. It's almost like you know when you walk away from the business you're in this frenetic crazy pace and don't sometimes you never realize what you're creating behind you right and it's not do or you get a no war for this or that Special Fan that tells you how changed their life really offend a letter and then you start realizing holy smokes the stuff I did like people and the girl it you know. It's just because now we have social media we we have building dot com things that we have you know Accidentally things I search me how I informed person who smokes really and a lot out of it is a lot of stuff that we did is out there Lita And it's it's humbling. It's like Kinda. Don't the everyone a person. I believe the first time I really have to kind of hearing this. These things come out because you're tired go away but then then in the meantime there's new girls that are being undeveloped and coming up another generation coming up and then at that point in the spotlight and they're telling you how they how they got there was to get there at this point years later later hearing about it so I think for the first time I went back there and just I'm so happy that my work different impact and influence people in the positive way. Because I really hope you're because while using it you really try to make the day takes so it's It's humbling and it's really it's gotta find and And it's special got it now. Create a lot of relationships with the girls were now he like got someone up there on. I got there I put me down and I'm there helping and and giving back the candidate and I loved. It makes me so happy to feel when they put them in their mailing stuff. And it's a it's a nice position. What's next expert women and wrestling? Becky Lynn's is now arguably the biggest star in the company and continues to be a focal point of their weekly programming. We're seeing the emergence of a rea- Ripley deeply an annex t here at the close at a decade and we're now seeing even more women's evolutions in ring of honor and in a w coming up next week examined the legends who stepped out of the spotlight and the new superstars who stepped in the last decade. You're listening to pro wrestling's defining being moments of the decade right here on Sirius. XM fight nation. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon noon eastern on Sirius X._M.. By Nation Channel One fifty six the busted open podcast..

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