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Call us at eight hundred eighty eight ten Tom Brokaw on meet the press yesterday. And I I saw him when he came on. And I I just turned it off to watch. I think NFL's football or some the week before the Super Bowl. And then I read, you know, the stuff he said Trump at one point as said that Trump excuse me, Brokaw, Tom, Brokaw it. I'm sorry. At one point had said that. Yes. Panics have to teach their kids to assimilate, and they need to be taught English. But that's the wrong approach. I I'm not saying that they shouldn't teach their kids English totally teach their kids they should teach their children English to be smarter and to be better. But not to assimilate the idea that assimilation meaning be just like the others unless like yourself. Is not what I want. I want to learn from other cultures that are here. It sets of so great about this country is I mean every time I get an Uber. It's somebody from some different part of the world. And I just tell me about where you're in Pakistan where and I knew I know enough about Pakistan near the Kashmir area. And I and I know little bit. What was my like I'm talking to this guy? He's by fifty five or sixty fascinating. His English was okay. He was trying to learn some English. I could tell and he was trying to learn English. Probably because not because it was what you have to do to be an American. It was kind of a it's less of an assimilation and more of an evolution. I listened to him, and I listened to I guess the romantic line just were more familiar with Italian French Spanish. And I from what I understand learning. She's quite difficult for people that I talked to the company from other places Brokaw's approach and his language about assimilation. Maybe sad. It made me sad to think that the central Americans and Mexicans that come here. Feel like that. They're going to be a failure. If they don't learn it instead of wanting to just get smarter. Why aren't we teaching every kid in this country Spanish, why are we doing that? I mean, we should that's that's my thought. You're welcome to weigh in on this. It's gotta Sheila and Atherton Sheila. Hi, you're on with chip and Nikki thanks for calling. Hi. I'm sorry. Little nervous nervousness at this topic really hits home because we came to America thirty seven years ago. And my mom was thirty years old giving the fact that she didn't speak the language she she did our job. But she was never a this. This english. Chris species always in the background. She was in the kitchen. She was shy. She was scared. I mean, she didn't stop us from learning English. But at that, the kids will learn English period. No matter what kids will learn English. But the fact of, you know, enforcing something on somebody who tried to make a living tried to make a living for themselves to enforce this. You kinda. You make them. Way from it. It's harder to cups in America. Or anywhere. Forget American anyone in the world. I I traveled in in Europe in trying to even remotely try to speak. I mean, I I can't even talk. So godless all these people that's. They come here. They try and I don't think they're not trying for the kids not to learn. They're just trying to make a living languages develop. And they the evolve if you go back to the way, my great, my grand, my my grandmother was from Wales and she came over here when I was a kid. I couldn't understand a word. She said, and she, you know, she was older when I was I was little I mean, I barely remember. But my mom and my sisters would tell me stories, and and but she was speaking Welsh. And and and the Irish brogue was so hard as well. And so, you know, everybody that kind of the kind of reached out towards each other. And especially when if there were poor, you know, they were battling the they could go one attack each other or they could support each other. And I just you know, I mean, do we have to have a central language that we keep our laws and everything written in possibly, I guess, but the Canada does it with. I mean, they had this big push back in in Montreal with French versus English. And they you know, I think they're beginning to work it out. You know, it's taken a lot of years. I just I think that the people that are here and get understand too the Mexicans where we are. Right now. We're here long before us and the idea that. One more thing is live and let live. It's not a bad idea. Do that. All right. Thank you for your call. You degrade on the radio. Thanks so much. So yeah. I mean, I know for some people this is a real pragmatic exercise just warn you. Gotta learn the language if you want to succeed. And that may be true. But there's a nuance to all this my favorite word. There's there's a subtlety to it that you can embrace. It's about it's not just about as assimilation. It's about learning. It's about sharing, Bob and Simona Simona sonoma's..

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