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Of course. I'm not alone. I'm joined by my SIS, cha-cha, Liana Boris Liana. How're you doing? I'm great. But Mike, you're the one who is doing amazing because you have announced on social media. You're going to have an R H A day B. To take you to like think about is that your Wanda for the week. That's like, yeah. That's actually my wand off the RHA PNB theme song, but Augier d- to your baby. This prayed for those that are not attuned to social media at least in the past twenty four hours. I have made the official announcement that my lovely wife. Angela is expecting. We have a child do mid may to sort of divert. Some blanket answer is we do not know the gender yet. We should be finding that out in a couple of weeks. It's very exciting. It's very nerve wracking. And I want to thank you all my co host included for the vast amounts of support over the past twenty four hours. It has made an exciting event even more exciting. I feel positively blown over like I hit a big tornado wind. Hopefully, you won't get evacuated when the baby comes you'll be allowed to say, I might I'm unbe little squeamish. So like, we we're Angela negligently had this conversation about like, how will I personally handle the delivery room? I have of like that episode of full house when the twins are born and Jesse had to get his appendix taken out, and he's sort of lying in a gurney. Besides Becky of all the birth is happening. I feel like that might happen to be but spurred on by some sort of. You know, fainting spell that makes me lie completely horizontal I watch my child to get Brian to the world. The father completely useless laying on the floor. Jeff Probst will be my Dula saying like what are you doing? Yeah. I definitely think everybody would want Jeff Probst narrating. It would be the same. As what was he saying about Davis episode? No, I know idea what Davies Dale like he interrupted himself. That was a nice little in a season. That's full these nice little ticks of editing. That's another really fun one. Yeah. That would be that would be for you go. It'd be like no idea. What Mike Stu completely useless? Well, that could be applied to many many facets of my life. So maybe I just see Jeff pros is a life coach to do that. I am for those of you that might be pig a bit attention. So yes, we were originally were supposed to have the great amount odd win on this week due to some scheduling difficulties weren't able to make it work at the last minute. So it's going to be justly on battering down the hatches to talk through this pretty crazy episode of Davor squad, which is feeling redundant at this point. And we'll see now that we are in the post Natalie era of David versus Goliath, officially whether or not that insanity is going to keep up, but Leon ah. What were your thoughts about the closing the final spurts of napalm Natalie? We got this season. Oh, my. Gosh, I it was sort of one of those things where I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop when it came to Natalie being voted out and it felt like every single time. She was escaping the collages of tribal council. But finally, it was so sad to see her go out, but in such an epic fashion, and I'm sure we'll get into this with all of the sort of post press and behind the scenes stuff of how Natalie left the game..

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