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S. C. J. Evans St the owner to ease if he thinks what's happening at his restaurant illegal the short answer is no I don't I don't think it's illegal it's we're all adults congregating we wanna Congaree I contacted or a valley police they said they were monitoring and no citations were issued the officers did drive by to make sure the politically vents remain peaceful I appreciate it I mean I think at this point in time how long things going on I think that's the correct step there's more dangers more criminal activity going on there congregating for business stake in political beliefs and as you can see at the rally is over I did speak to the candidate earlier today and he told me quotes the government has no authority to tell Arizonans in local businesses what is essential and what is not a central there you go good for Danny McCarthy is right is on the same wavelength is Andy Biggs right there about I I didn't call and say we should do this a I believe it was the Tucson trump Magen beat up Nadia leads them she's great they they want to do that Danny was there they just ask if I would take part if I wanted to go said sure and you know I'll talk about it I'll be there because I'd love to see my listeners and you know support of business and it just it it grew it was great it was great I love it want to make sure any kudos to or about please again for not you know any you know being unconstitutional in all issuing citations or eating lunch so stupid kudos to O. V. P. D. for that N. N. it was peaceful despite a repeat this again some trumpeting jackal shows up at the beginning before Ellie Punnett got there and yelled F. trump started screaming stupid things trying to get food I guess it will be too long I don't know with the yelled something at the people that work there but then he just left he's leaving he said F. trump again somebody's put a bullet in his head so he said this with this guy said that was not peaceful park and nobody attacked him nobody accosted him and it shouldn't happen you know what that's we don't we don't do that the other side does the violent attacking not us not us okay so thanks very a very fair report I but I appreciate that it's hard to find a good host Allie potter over KVOA we will continue we got to get to what pelo C. said about Joe Biden and his his sex assault allegation it's not looking good for them not looking good at all no no no and we'll get to the hypocrites they hypocrites are trying to tell us how we should live because of this Chinese a virus Jimmy Kimmel also Jimmy Kimmel S..

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