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This is on point. I'm Meghna Chuck Roberti. We're trying to get some insight on possible ways to end the government shutdown and we're doing so by hearing from Senator George Mitchell, he is democratic Senator from Maine from nineteen eighty to nineteen ninety-five. And of course, also served as Senate majority leader from nineteen eighty nine thousand nine hundred ninety five but for this conversation. Most importantly, he was the United States special on voi- to Northern Ireland and help secure the Good Friday agreement in nineteen ninety eight that put an end to the troubles as they were known in Northern Ireland. He was also United States special on voi- for Middle East peace from two thousand nine to two thousand eleven and Senator Mitchell if I may let me just go to our phones here really quickly and get a couple of calls in. So let's turn to Larry who's calling from Buffalo New York. Larry you're on the air. Hi, I'm a very of of wealth a little bit. The to have a against Senator Mitchell here with his accomplishments in a very difficult negotiations that really was a life threatening situation as truly remarkable. And I wondering if he could address of the issues that right now as far as I understand, we don't really have the tha the party's talking at the same table together as well as these negotiations that are being called, they're really not negotiations. These are public media utterances, they're not as a result of any true negotiation that's going on. And so I think those who'd be addressed that the current climate is not really reflective of that. And I think also the fact that the principal party here form of our president has shown a disdain for negotiations. He doesn't really negotiate. He more operates the power. I think in strictly from that and by Fiat and so his. Ability or willingness to truly go shade us is very questionable. I think also you have to question now whether night if people are in agreement that the government shutdown is not germane to the current situation, and it should be ended. Then why isn't more pressure being applied to the Republicans in the Senate to override the president's decision and get the government reopen? I think that could be talked about much more, and what the couple -bility is when Republicans now to undo this logjam really that's preventing to negotiations. Thank you for your call Senator Mitchell, it's worked backwards from what Larry's said here. First of all just your response to him saying his his suggestion that there should be more pressure put on Republicans to to deal with the shutdown. I. Will Democrats trying to do that? But the Republican senators and to a lesser extent. But some degree the house members are in a tough spot their basis the president's base, and it's pretty clear that going against the president is very difficult for them, politically, they're all embarrassed. By the fact, that they one hundred percent voted for the legislation just a couple of weeks ago in the belief that the president is going to sign it, then he reversed himself just a few hours later when he took some flak from the right wing. So it's a tough spot for them to be in. I agree with much of what Larry said. But the fact is what what they're why they're going to bring this Bill up. Tomorrow is too ineffective. Turn the tables on that embarrassment of the last couple of weeks and try to put Democrats into Saint position. It is true that the president has not been involved much indirect negotiation. But it is also true that vice president Pence. President's son-in-law, Jared, Kushner, and others have been involved in talks. And so I think you'll likely to see that accelerating the longer this goes on and I hope that does happen. I think it has to be brought to negotiated and nationally televised dry says are a form of negotiation, but by themselves insufficient, and I think it will the public pressure and the the loss of support on both sides. I think he's going to contribute to come to an end through negotiation. Is there also a fundamental lack of trust? That's part of the problem here that that the progress can't be made for as long, as you know, for all the reasons that you just gave there isn't a sense that that that Democrats feel like they just can't trust the president in his decision making or or you know, which way the wind might blow next. And and if so how do you build trust between the groups?.

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