Lisa Bass, Donald Trump, Volker discussed on Houston's Morning News


Eighteenth is that right that's when I first heard about and minutes and then it's for Lisa bass or tell on September eleventh and we know that from your deposition in those fifty five days that aid is delayed you met with presents Lynskey three times first it was July twenty sixth the day after the famous call now between president trump and presents lanes causes laziness with you ambassador Volker an investor silent and again according to your deposition your testimony there was no linkage of security systems dollars to investigating terrorism or the bidens second meetings August twenty seventh get in this fifty five day timeframe second meetings on the twenty seventh presence Lynskey meets with you and basketball nine others and again there's no linkage of dollars security system dollars to an investigation of the mines that course a third meeting is September fifth presence Lynskey meets with you and senators Johnston and Murphy and once again there is no linkage of security assistance dollars to an investigation of a resume or the biting three meetings with the president of Ukraine the new president and no linkage thank you and have a nice day you may leave that pretty much takes care of it are those kind of telling to Jeffrey Toobin on CNN here's what he had to say about how problematic yesterday's testimony was because the one criticism of these two witnesses which I think is very much legitimate it's not really a criticism it's just a factual statement is that neither of them had direct contact with the press and ever and ever and and yeah that's a problem if you're going to impeach the president that's a problem as in the United States and never had a contact with front yeah never had direct contact with them at all do you think two bis gonna stay on CNN for very long story I'm sure he'll get back on board here shortly five twenty one here newsradio seven forty K. tear each time for traffic.

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