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Dot com to find your next pizza and the field is queuing up now behind the pace cars. They're getting ready to head to the Geico restart zone, Brad Gilly. Interestingly, Denny Hamlin, who's in third actually took the high side behind teammate Kyle Busch. We'll see If these two Joe Gibbs racing Toyota's can actually push each other in front of race leader Kurt Busch. Green flag about ready to weigh if you're on the stage, start of number two here to the inside, and that preferred low line. Kurt Busch gets the jump on brother Kyle Busch. I'm right behind him. Tyler Reddick radical drive up alongside Kyle Busch and do battle for that second position. Kurt is the race leader off. Turn two. He's in the bottom of the racetrack. Swing up to the outside of the track of the efforts to corner side by side right behind race leader Kurt Busch. Kyle Busch is on the outside of Tyler Reddick. Danny Hamlin, giving his team made a big shove into turn number three. Kurt Busch goes up just about a half a lane on his entry to turn number three. He's still the race leader. Here comes Kyle. Brad Keselowski makes a big move. He's battling for fifth. It's Kurt Kyle Reddick, then Hamlin door to door. Kieslowski and Bowman Bowman go to the top side of the racetrack following the tire tracks of the Denny Hamlin machine He's trying to get up to challenge Tyler ready for the third spot is the Bush brothers still run one piece? Current leaders 12345 single file. It's Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch, Tyler Reddick, Denny Hamlin, Then the battle is for the fifth spot. Alex Bowman is on the inside of Brad Keselowski used a racer Way through Turns three and four engine have turned for Alex Bowman down on the bottom of the racetrack. He'll try to fight his way around Denny Hamlin. They are side by side in a fight for fourth ahead of them. Tie Loretta Cough Turn four Got to the back bumper of Kyle Busch. I thought for a moment that he might shove him into the turn. He'll draw even off. Turn two as they fight for that second spot. Best thing that can happen for Kurt Busch right now is a battle for second behind him. Tyler Reddick door to door with Kyle Busch. Reddick on the inside. Kyle Busch is going to take the middle group of the racetrack. Alex Bowman is going to have a safe for this fight for second, Tyler Reddick slides up the racetrack in front of Kyle Busch moved him up to the second spot. Alex Bowman had the door shut. He remains in fourth. Toyota Chevy Toyota Chevy Toyota, the three Chevys in order or two Chevys in order. Kurt Busch leading this race in the Chevrolet Tyler Reddick. 2nd 3rd is the Toyota of Kyle Busch. Kyle Busch wants that runner up spot back. He has driven in the back bumper of Tyler Reddick peeks quickly to his inside heading into three. That won't happen behind him. Alex Bowman just slammed the door on Denny Hamlin force Denny Hamlin all the way up the racetrack to his outside. Now we've got a battle for second is Kyle Busch dives to the inside of Tyler Reddick. He will edge a habit. Reddick tries to battle back on the outside. Bush leading this race loves what's going on behind him. He stretched out. His advantage now to about a car like Kyle Busch got very low, then.

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