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Sixers and game 7 of their semifinal series Sunday in Boston, MLS, the sounders visit the Houston dynamo. I'm Joel stern northwest news radio. Looking to add some fun and excitement to your life, look no further than emerald queen casino. Bring on the fun with live music a weekend getaway at our fabulous hotel or delicious dining at one of our ten restaurants, revel in the excitement with the best players club in the northwest, or at the EQC sportsbook where you can bat watch and win on all your favorite sports. Come see for yourself why they call emerald queen casino, the entertainment capital of the northwest. Do I have to move into a nursing home to use my long-term care insurance? Most people use their long-term care plan at home. Hi, this is Brian aut with 5 two 5 advisers and a host of long-term care radio. The idea of having long-term care insurance is to be able to receive your care that you need in a location of your choosing plans today are comprehensive, which means they cover care at home, assisted living facilities, adult family homes, adult day cares, and yes, even in a nursing home. By having a plan, you can decide where you want to receive your care. If you have a question for us, send it to me at 5 two 5 long-term care dot com and also learn about new programs, pay you back if you never use your plan and you can sign up for one of our free upcoming classes. And don't forget to join us Saturdays and Sundays at noon on KBI for long-term care radio. Learn more at 5 two 5 long-term care dot com. The next 5 to 5 advisers webinar is 8 a.m. Saturday, may 20th, get details and sign up today at 5 to 5 long-term care dot com. Just click via a ten a webinar tab at the top of the homepage. Motorcycle accident cases require a thorough investigation by a team of experienced legal professionals if they have any chance of being successful. Insurance companies, juries

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