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It's seventy five degrees at five forty on this Sunday June ninth Carroll area and here's what's happening. Fifth Avenue was washing colors, music, and excitements day. The national Puerto Rican day parade made its way up Fifth Avenue. One man was killed. Two. Others were injured when gunfire erupted shortly after midnight today in Roosevelt Long Island, and they marched today for healthy school food. They walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to city hall. The delays have now identified the men and women kill when their small plane crash in south hold Long Island their dog survived. The plane was having trouble shortly before takeoff. The AccuWeather forecast for this evening, turning out mostly cloudy with showers toward daybreak mainly south and west of the city. The low temperature sixty one degrees. Wins news time five forty one. Time for traffic and transit on the ones let's check in with gory. Chop. Doubt found guards say Parkway southbound express Lane's after entertains went sixteen all lanes are closed with an accident. Looks like it's backed up to the crossover from the locals northbound western Spurs heavy into eighteen w on the turnpike and the turnpike eastern spur northbound right around two eighty you have a good mile mile and a half delay there. Now here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels. George Washington Bridge. Inbound upper level is going to be about forty five to fifty minutes. Thirty to thirty five on the lower outbound fifteen or twenty. The Lincoln is twenty and fifteen to twenty out ten to fifteen in both directions at the Holland the outer bridging Gotha are both slow into Staten Island and the Verizon bridge, and the Brooklyn Bridge or both jammed up into Brooklyn, the RFK bridge going into got a stalled car, causing those issues tomorrow's street cleaning rules are suspended, but you have to feed the meters. I'm Gloria top our next report at five fifty one on ten ten wins wins news time, five forty two. Ricky Morton was the grand marshal for today's national Puerto Rican day parade, it made its way up Fifth Avenue. New lots of festivals. A festive air music, color excitement, marching up Fifth Avenue to the feet of Latin music, as thousands and thousands of people stood on the sidewalk waving. The Puerto Rican flag all of them like Mirasol showing pride for the island..

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