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Draft in the best ball mania to team for a chance to win one million dollars. Sales got the puppy. Fire away on that thing only five dollars and a nice little prize pool in that as well in the big dog dog Two hundred and fifty dollar entry right little has been She really pushing for a pet. I go about a puppy. And so she's like really. Let's yeah let's let's see what we can do right now so fired it up and we did a best ball trap. She wasn't happy with it. He was not happy with who bait and switch right. You should tell her. Hey if you win the puppy you get the puppy and have her draft team. Yeah if you win. Improperly gives us all right kramer you're the honors to wintel locks and a dog bit. You like for the big twelve college football conference okay. Locked number one sean. I mean i think you heard it using out of my voice but give me texas under. What are what are we doing here. Guys and then for the other lock Just kansas state. They have a lot of nice spots a lot of experience. And they're just the fact that they're two games below the texas oklahoma state. Tcu tear feels a little bit too far down. So let's lock that one up and for my dog. Lincoln riley has shown us he can produce a heisman. I also just told you that they're gonna go undefeated. So boy was shocked to see the spencer rattler heisman. Price seventy one. We were out in vegas at the win. We grab kobe three or four one. So the fact that it's popping higher perhaps just money coming in other other guys but the formulas there guys. If you go undefeated in a lincoln riley system going to be really hard for someone to beat ya. Not even undefeated. You could still lose that one game. But i'm saying they're going undefeated so if they go undefeated and he's the guy it's going to be hard for him to not walk away with the hardware. Yeah and that's et to me is an easier scenario. Rattler to win the heisman at seven to one versus them winning the college football playoff. Its plus seven fifty like between those two. Well i would like. I would like rattler to win the heisman more. Yeah no i mean again. We've seen it happened multiple times. Yeah and then. They didn't win. They didn't voting the couch football players championship. All right you know. i'm i'm with you on the lock of texas under seven and a half for for comedy sake and to make these different. I'm gonna give my first lock. Kansas over one no rock. Oh my gosh. Let's go for other lock. Tcu over seven and a half and for my dog. Give me tcu to make the big twelve conference championship. Just have to get there at plus five fifty colby. I'm going to join you on lock city on the jayhawks over one. What are you guys doing. I trust good coaching. Sean make sure we pull this as a clip. You guys just coaching you guys around colby. Kansas over one is a lock as in my other lock is. I'm gonna take west. Virginia over six and a half wins. I like that play. I think that that morgantown is going to be lit this year. And i like the fact that the the way the schedule aligns for them they get a lot of their toughest opponents in morgantown so My dog i'm going to stay right there in morgantown plus eight hundred to make the big twelve championship. Oh yeah that west. Virginia play which by the way that's eight. Oh yeah that's not bad west. Virginia's lane three and a half against maryland. Week one. yeah let's kind of like it feels a little bit like we. You know early example of Late at three and a half. We're gonna be getting.

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