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Hello Word nerds and welcome to another episode of the dictionary. Am I sounding announcer enough for you all right. Let's get to the first word it is ape eight P E. It's the first form of three I love apes and primates monkeys. They're my favorite animals YEP now. You know a little bit more about me. This is a noun from before the twelfth century one a a the synonym is a monkey especially one of the larger tailless or short tailed old world forms one be any of various large Tayla semi erect primates of Africa and southeastern Asia as the Chimpanzee Gorilla Orangutan Dan or Gibbon of course I always used to say a renting I think most people do but there is no g at the end so I learned that it's really Aranka Tan and then the end of the definition says called also anthropoid or anthropoid ape and then compared to the synonym great ape was there a drink called grape. Ape knows a cartoon character. Yeah I think there was a cartoon character called grape to a we have these synonym mimic and with that definition of the word ape is often used in crossword puzzles to be eh a large uncouth person. APE like is an adjective all right. Let's do this second form of the word ape. It's a transitive verb from sixteen thirty two to copy closely but often clumsily and ineptly synonym is the word copy apor deeper is a noun and now we have the third form of a it's an adjective from nineteen fifty five synonyms are crazy and wild usually usually used in the phrase. Go Ape. Don't mind if I do well next. We have a Peek A. The E. A. K. A. Word. I don't think I've ever seen before it's an adjective or adverb from fifteen ninety six being in a vertical position as in with ors a peak. I'm assuming that's ores like in a boat or canoe. The etymology says this is an alternative of earlier a pike. Api K. E. A. Probably from the French pick which means vertically next we have a man there is a hyphen between the two words. It's a noun from eighteen sixty nine a primate as in Australopithecus pissing intermediate in character between Homo Sapiens and the higher apes and yes. I think I actually did say author low pithy incorrectly early next. We have a French word that I'm sure I will butcher but it is something like a pursue yeah sort of It is spelled spelled A. P. E. R. C. You and the C has that accent underneath the letter. I do not know what it is called apologies for that but you you know what I'm talking about. This is a noun from eighteen o nine one a brief survey or sketch synonym is outline to an immediate impression especially the two definitions for the word insight so yes as I said this is French from from the verb appar save war or wa which means to perceive that is from old French appear few I do you know how to pronounce this eight p. e. r. c. v. r. e. and that means to perceive and there's more at the word perceive. There was some some other information but it basically says the same thing that I already said next. We have a period and a p. E. R. The N. T. It's an adjective from sixteen twenty six gently moving the bowels while did not expect that synonym is laxative. Have a period is also a noun next. We have a periodic. It's the word periodic with an a at the beginning. It's an adjective active from eighteen seventy one of irregular occurrence not periodic as in a periodic floods to not we're having periodic vibrations not Assila Tori a periodically is an adverb and a periodicity is a noun next. We have oppor Tif A. P. E. R. I T. I F. This is a noun from eighteen ninety four an alcoholic drink taken before a meal as an appetizer. I hope that's not the only appetizer you're having because you're GonNa get drunk Parada quick doc next. We have aperture A. P. E. R. T. U. R. E. This is a noun from the fifteenth century. One One and opening or open space synonym is whole to a the opening in a photographic lens that admits the light to to be the diameter of the Stop in an optical system that determines the diameter of the bundle of Rays Trans versing the instrument to see see the diameter of the objective Lens or mere of a telescope as I've mentioned in the past I have a background in film and video and photography and so I am familiar with this term aperture and I find the whole mechanics and optics of lenses pretty interesting. I don't know the physics of IT Really I. I only know the the very tip of the iceberg but it's pretty interesting when you really dig into it. Let's see the etymology says this is Latin then from opportunists which is from the verb op array which means to open next we have a pelous. AP AP E. T. A. L. U. S. This is an adjective from circa seventeen o six having no pedals and pedals is spelled Velde P. E. T. A. L. S. Those are the petals on a flower not the pedals on a bike next have apex. This is a noun from sixteen o one one A. The uppermost point synonym is Vertex as in the PECs of a mountain one be the narrowed arrowed or pointed end synonym is tip as in the apex of the tongue to the highest or culminating point as in the apex of his career. I think I've hit mine synonym for all definitions is the word summit next. We have APP Gar score are two words. The first word is capital A. P. G. A. R. This is a noun from nineteen fifty nine an index used to evaluate the condition of a newborn infant based on a rating of zero one or two for each of the five characteristics of Color Heart heart rate response to stimulation of the sole of the foot muscle tone and respiration with ten being perfect score so in each of those is five characteristics. If the baby did a great job in each of those it seems like they would have gotten a to which totals up to ten. I wonder what score I got. Maybe that's in my old records or something. I'll have to look into that see if my parents have that somewhere this is named after Virginia APP Gar died in nineteen seventy four and she was an American anesthesiologist. I love saying that word all right. I think we will do one more for this episode. It is a for ASIS A P. H. E. R. E. S. I s. this episode is filled with words have never heard before. It's a a noun from fifteen fifty the loss of one or more sounds or letters at the beginning of a word as in round four around owned or a round now who says a round it's around and Kuhn for raccoon. I don't know if they needed to put coon in there. That seems a little bit racist even though they're specifically talking about raccoons but the history of that word is not great so Can you change that please dictionary. Thanks APHORISTIC is an adjective this is from the Greek off for racists which literally means taking off and that is from Farina gene which means to take away that is from Otto Plus Herron which means to take what a what shall I choose to be the word of the episode. There's a bunch in here that I liked ape ape man APERITIF apgar score. What do you think let me know Send me an email. A tweet a message on facebook I liked aperture to this is a hard one. I think I'm just going to have to go with Abe as I said apes and monkeys and primates are are my favorite animals and so they have a very special place in my heart the one a definition of a had the synonym monkey which reminded me of a phrase that I learned how to say backwards while ago I won't go into the details but I will say it now for you and then I will reverse it and then we will end the episode so it is economic impact cool look at me. I'm on the hopefully that worked out well. I'll find out in the editing. That is the end of the episode. Thank you very much for listening until next time this suspense or reading the dictionary maybe I.

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