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Yeah for sure job maybe it's really easy i heard that like john fabra just comes in and just ask the dp what we're doing today probably what's for lunch jon favreau but if like you're female doing your first movie he didn't good job swingers he broke in legit he broke ins no that was doug lyman but he wrote it he wrote what did he i direct elf maybe like made maybe that was his first one day though that's right i remember that i mean that's one of those jobs that just seems like like you're saying about melissa melissa mccarthy's husband it's like it's definitely it's such a such a fine line of what makes it good right right could go awry at any point it's what yeah all right all right down one to number two number two avengers infinity affinity war infinity wars chip i wonder do you still go to see these superhero movies yes well just because this one my friend wanted to go see every movie i'm pretty much do i really do i'm telling you everything that's one of the no relationship no children no pets what else am i going to do so here's one of the things i was weird about with chip because he would see everything so you'd say chip how was that and because he seen everything he would have an opinion on it and then two years later comes on tv and i watch it and then we do a huge fight exact opposite opinion but he does make it out to the movies he he is a.

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