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You wanna be a part of the conversation tonight go ahead shoot us attacks you can ask us questions if there's anything on your mind we've been we've we've really enjoyed hearing from you guys and and the things that you want to know and and being able to sort of interject those throughout the show sometimes we'll you know we'll have a whole segment where we kind of just just that's all we do but it's been really great to sort of know what questions you guys have the things that you're feeling it doesn't have to be a question if you if you just have something you want to say that's a great way to reach out to US nine eight ninety seven three but now Mike we have a guest yes we do we have one of my favorite food writers in Seattle which means one of my favorite food writers period Bethany Jean comment from The Seattle Times a Bethany you did the story I think that we were all waiting for in terms of at least how we're going to continue eating during the during everything being shut down it's a really great compendium of where to go what's to what's to buy when you get there and the fact that all these restaurants have had to make a very rapid pivot to something that many of them were not doing regularly which is take out dining it's true and thanks for having me in these troubled times I think it's really important to talk about what we can all do to support Seattle's restaurant industry because who are really suffering out there there is there are industry experts are predicting that seventy five percent of our independently owned restaurants will never open again and we have tons of laid off workers trying to get an appointment that is and when it comes is not going to be adequate the new aid package that might be happening they're talking about twelve hundred dollars to most adult Americans and we all live in Seattle and we know how far that won't go right so take out and delivery is something that a lot of places have turned to it really only employs a fraction of the industry's workers but you know that's something and those of us who have the privilege of working from home with our cats or the means otherwise you can go out and support them by getting take out is actually best if they're using an app based delivery service because after each delivery services charge a substantial fee to the restaurant and that takes more money out of their pockets at this very very hard time right right so so what you're saying then is if you have if you have the option and can easily do that maybe go out to when you're doing if you're doing that one day running errands and pick up your delivery food curbside because you can save the restaurant a bit of money in that puts more right more money in the owners in in the hopefully in the staffs pockets as well correct exactly and it's really weird out there getting take out one of the places I've visited in sh cafe Juanita over in Kirkland yes I've entered into the epicenter of the chef there Holly Smith is taking extreme precautions health wise she said that they're basically running it like a hospital they know that they're feeding elderly people and when you go there it's a beautiful mid century house the dining experience there is very luxurious and amazing but you just pull up in your car and you call in and you pop the trunk and someone runs out and throws a bunch of really nice food and how well and she's at Holly's in the James beard award winner right indeed I mean she asked the crowd I'm does some really delicious take out that I never thought I would be eating so what is there anything else that you think that people should be doing to help out with the service industry I mean I know personally being on the ownership and of it as well as a reporter it is it's very very tough on and I got it on on the service industry in particular and I agree with that assessment I mean a lot of people who think that they are going to get their jobs back or not especially in these places with you know let's just use and I'm not saying anything about specific with any specific knowledge let's use Tom Douglas as an example there's eight hundred employees there I don't see how they re hire eight hundred people when this comes back to much less to small places that have twelve employees are thirty employees or something like that yeah it's been it's been an ounce and it's really scary and it's really sad the people that I think that the Seattle restaurant industry a big part of it is a really lovely community of really great people and they love what they do they don't make a ton of money out of it but they love making nice food and whether that's mom and pop and ID like secretion both wanted to see the sushi place or about or fancy cafe Juanita these are people who just want to make us happy and and they are really up a creek and you know I think there's a real opportunity here to increase our human empathy and our understanding of how the industry works and how it doesn't work for a lot of people these people don't have a safety net and you know they're the ones who serve us they are the ones across the bar right my parents don't want to washing the dishes and the fact that they don't have a safety net and that this is bringing it to the forefront all right I mean I don't want to call it a silver lining but you know if we come out of this with an understanding that those of us who patronize our restaurants a drink at a bar and for me on a restaurant is a fast privilege and we should always tip huge specially right now he and you know if we come out of this with more income equality in our city and nationwide and if we come out of it with some universal health care to people than that I mean again it's hard to say silver lining because this is so serious but I think that would be really good yeah that's the need is so this is this take out of it for a lot of these places that better doing it it's a it's a fairly unsustainable business model over the long haul so these places I'm assuming do need extra money restaurants are generally that the profit margins are pretty thin normally is there are there any funds or is there anywhere that people can donate if they if they want to you know keep keep the industry going there are lots of berries from popping up for our workers and and you know people are saying you can buy gift certificates to restaurants or gift cards and that that's the way that you can get some money in our pockets now sh some of that may end up being donations if they go under realistically you know I mean we can all we can all eat takeout and delivery we can find the sites that are going specifically to independently owned restaurants and their workers The Tonight donation sites but this is really bigger than that and again twelve hundred dollars a month from the federal government is not going to cut it and and we need to step up at a local state and federal level if you can email your Congress people because she's really helpful this is an industry worth having the most impact here and arts which everything's canceled and then ironically a lot of people in the arch support making their art by working around services that's precisely true exactly we're talking to Betty Jean command food writer for The Seattle Times a Bethany are you hearing from any of the restaurateurs the the owners of the restaurant to frequently are not owners of their actual space are they talking to you at all about are are they finding and I know that we can't make some sort of you know broad judgment about this but are they risk reporting that there's any sympathy from landlords about extraordinary because the one of the big expenses in or in any business is obviously plays but in Seattle it's also your square footage price I mean these places are paying a lot of money to have a storefront in the city are you hearing anything about any what are the landlords coming to terms with folks are they giving them a bit of relief so maybe they can hang on a month or two longer before hopefully things maybe turn around a bit I haven't heard that I wish that I would just yeah the the the leases in Seattle for restaurants even before this all happened we have had a really big restaurant room and she had a list more of them on your restaurant opening per day but at the beginning of this year that sort of started to turn around in a way and we're seeing fewer openings and really prominent James beard award winning chef like Matt Dillon decided to pull out because if you have to renew your lease expire architects and it doesn't really pencil out for a lot of people anymore independent owners and he says that consumers yep yep and it's gone and that was one of Seattle's great restaurants so if you can add this into the equation act that it's it's really crazy it would be great if landmarks which forgive some rent here I don't see that happening that's not really how capitalism works but capitalism is kind of breaking down right now I don't know if you guys heard but the cheesecake factory S. like stopping paying rent which is totally nuts but these are what is possible you know the industry better than that of it better than I do but is it possible that the universal nature of this in some ways provides may be an incentive for landlords to the extent that you're not it's not like you're going to fill that space with anyone else at this point yeah I mean I am my mind is boggled by all of that the hell knows what's gonna happen is gonna get real weird I mean it already is everybody is bound to fully aware so you have a list of places your story will provide all put on social media page link to your story but if you had to throw out there I know that you've got a lot of friends I'm not looking for you to pick favorites actually I'm looking for you to pick favorites let me completely reversed that but if you had to throw out a place or a couple of places that you would suggest people give a try to what would you suggest but there are still many great places doing takeout or delivery right now and they're all over the city and people probably want to do something in their own neighborhood and support their favorites and it's likely that your favorite is doing take out and delivery so go with your favorite instead of mine I wrote about five of them but to sort of catch twenty two if that is those five are probably really overwhelmed today right right so they don't need it as well as others do that that's a fair point yeah so choose your own adventure that's to me what are you this is a question I've I've been asking our guests what are you doing for your mental health what are you doing to take care of yourself arm I am taking a lot of locks and petting my cat until she's practically bald and I the students to take out food that I've been needing it it's really meaningful to me because I feel like it means so much to the people who are making it that we're supporting them and I feel like the taste of favorite restaurant dish is really comforting even when it's at home and it's very very messed up times and likewise I think supporting your local wine shop or distillery or brewery and something that can be really helpful for everyone right now not a lot of those places are doing curbside pickup or delivery and you know have a drink people how does that how does that work exactly the the curbside experience I've never I I haven't done it do you just pull up in and do you go in or is there an employee out on on the sidewalk waiting to talk to you.

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