Johnny Gijon Gabor, Arthur Gabor, The House discussed on High and Mighty - Episode 124: Vacations w/ Allan McLeod


What's up she had heads welcome back to another episode of high mid it's me your boy born on on fox more johnny gijon gabor's in the high and mighty studios joining me as always is my nearly silent cohost arthur gabor's who just laughed also joining me anaheim mighty studios for the first time is my guest the number one molasses bought the normal assis mark helen macleod alan thank you for coming at the high and mighty studios middle number one molasses has more the molasses ball i in the house coming down the chimney y oh averages mixing eleven different nowadays allen thanks for coming over man so happy to be here i was so excited to watch you do that i was like oh i don't wanna we can make it feel comfortable i'm the same exact way i start doing and then i liked pant until i'm done i was like i can't i was at getting excited even want to see what your reaction was when i said molasses boy down on me i thought of it when you were coming over housing i'm going to get the same molasses or anything i do to get that brand out there because i really want to really helping unless molasses visitors might be in the future has as i can really get as mizo branded that way well that's the thing if you're an actor or working in hollywood at any capacity the only way you make real money is to invest in something else george clooney's the most successful actor maybe ever and he makes all his money off of two he can't even scrape by a side gig finding out there like matt damon and ben affleck have like a podcast art relax dude.

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