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Wishing you a very merry Christmas from six thirty K. how Denver's talk station very very very hi Tom Martino here three oh three seven one three call seven one three eight two five five Frank during the real state band dot com you don't do better when your listing a home they even comes and cleans it and gets a stage and here's what he does he let you got a contract anytime anytime you want because he knows he has to earn your money your business he's the only one that doesn't Frank Duran the real estate man dot com if you're looking to buy he has a buying team as well so Neil was asking about leasing or buying and he's talking about a new cars kia or Hyundai of that kind of that ilk so in general Neil did you have any specific questions we went over basically the leasing part yeah them all well you're not you're not talking about you know how you can manage to you know get better deals except and I'm just wondering yeah on this particular one listen Suzanne give you my email off but I go to Arapahoe kia and then find which one you like and then email me but send me the stock number all right but here are some tricks man okay first of all even if you're ready to pay cash never say you're paying cash right people think when they say they're paying cash to doing a good thing but they make more money if you don't pay cash so that financing deal.

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