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Climate change. All right oh maverick. In fact he absolutely all right. So let's get to our final story of the hour session. Because that's a topic of discussion among right-winger so a new yougov and bright line. Watch poll finds that. They're huge portions of this country that are looking to succeed It goes to show you just how divided the country really is But let's give you those details because it's not just right wingers Some of these West coast democrats also would like to succeed. And i want to give you the details So if you take a look at this graphic it shows you the various areas In question here. So you've got the pacific. California washington oregon hawaii and alaska. You've got the south with the southern states. The heartland you guys get that now. Here's what the study found a sixty six percent majority of republicans in thirteen of these southern states including texas and florida are in favor of seceding from the union. Sixty six percent. Obviously that's more than half so half of all independence in the south also agreed with them with only twenty percent of southern democrats onboard by twenty percents that small number. I mean it's that's a fifth of democrats going. Yeah we should secede and and so here we are. Yeah i mean that's the confederacy. Those folks who did secede earlier and now apparently majority of them overall want us to see it again and obviously led by conservatives like they were last time conservatives. Were the ones who said no. We want to be able to keep slaves anything. That's a property right and And this north is impeding upon our freedoms and our state's rights to own human beings and whipped them and killed them and take away their babies and sell them to other people and we want to be able to do all that stuff and so that was back in the day. Now here we are again with the confederacy gone. I'm here for it. Let's let's separate that. Look we'll talk about whether it disastrous idea. Which of course it is except fox. News now is being to say maybe. But let's be fair. The deuce a lot of democrats in in the pacific states who were like seceding from the rest of this country where it's just. I mean. look at pacific region right. You got the west coast. California washington oregon. And then you add. Hawaiian alaska which are lovely. We're gonna outvote alaska big time. The rest of them are massively democratic. And that would be an incredibly wealthy incredibly beautiful country right so my in favor of it and incredibly progressive well first of all in politics. You don't fix anything if you don't get the money out of politics that new country if it had the same corruption as the current america anyway doesn't matter. Democrats are in charge right. They're just they're also corrupt happening. California but do i want an even in the ideal scenario of course not. I love america. We gotta stay together because we what are we going to do. We're just gonna tear each other and then california's gonna succeed. And then san francisco is going to succeed. This is sanity. so that's my take adrian. So as a native californian. I've always thought of how cool would be just to see the union but then again i was just being cute because the reality is that the rest of the nation needs us. We started this together. We should probably finish it together. And if we don't then. I could see a lot of oppression going on in the south and in a lot of states once again as we're seeing people or seeing states pass laws and that really looked to restrict voting Curb your right to your body. All sorts of things that are very oppressive would arguably be a newer form of slavery. And if we are going to be that voice that keeps them from going down that path and we got to be able to do it. It's just a matter of it is difficult sitting here in california and being associated with a whole different mentality of a lot of different states that you think you know what i prefer not to be part of it but again we started it together and we should ended together. Yeah my my take on. This poll is that it's it's dumb. It's a dump poll. And the reason why i say that is because look i get it. I mean the country is unfortunately incredibly divided. And when upholster hits you up and like yo- would you like to succeed. I can see a lot of americans saying yes from very emotional place but let's stop and think about what succession means okay. So does this new coalition of southern states which becomes its own country Practice full-blown federalism without any type of central government What happens to all of those people living in those states who rely on whatever we have left of a social safety net which is overwhelmingly funded by people living in california new york and all of that like you know the high income earners that live on the coast that they love to hate on and i get it like some of those elites are worth hating on but their taxes and up funding the social safety net that many of their you know constituents rely on so like i think if people just stop and actually think about it they might have a different opinion on whether or not secession makes sense. But if you're just coming from a super emotional place and you're basing your answer or your decision on how divided the country as or how much you hate the other side then. Yeah the percentage is going to be high sixty. Six percent is going to happen. My favorite part of the story dhabi kim. When says the pollster koehler says yo you want to secede. I don't know a lot of bolsters that you to do your own country get outta here. What do you want come on go right so i'm not quite sure that's how they phrase it but But look of course and is right that if the the south secedes a world hurt i mean they. They are among the poorest states in the country and but of course they don't know that they think in the republicans have missed the pain alabama. Think we got this stuff on lockdown man we got we gotta figure no you guys are the very bottom of every single ranking but the mindset. We've three there's a san francisco didn't make any money there next thing you tell me. They're making money in new york. No of course we're republicans we know what we're doing. We're at the top. Aren't we knew you were the very very bottom. But so there's a little bit of shot and freud in like going to see see how it turns out for you right but at the end of the day listed like the best point was adrian which is what are we gonna leave people behind in the south. We're gonna leave black people behind in the south really poor people behind the south. Hell no. There's no way we're gonna do that where to keep them inside america and we're going to try to protect them more to fight for them now. Fox is a completely different opinion. So let's show you this clip of them reacting the same poll a. Cast powers the world's best podcasts. Here's a show that we recommend. Hey y'all this is kenya creative director and co founder domino sound.

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