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The last fifteen years or more but obviously was something you felt you had talked about even though you were part of that department yes eggs exactly and and part of this too uh you know when i had this talk it wasn't so much as you're an african american kid here's how you should conduct yourself it it was more about here's how you should conduct yourself period because the african american part i think is a factor let's not does not you'll miss any words here but it's more about common sense things that will we'll keep you safe in how to interact with in the event that you get stop because this face it you know most folks at that age are making the best decisions in their lifetime when they are teenagers and whatnot not and that has nothing to raise that's just part of life so how they interact if the they are stopped by the police or come in contact with police officers i think is a discussion that all parents t the half there had been studies before you got here about a police stops in san francisco and it was wildly disproportionate of african american drivers and i think maybe latino drivers as well what have you done maybe this as part of a implicit racial bias training but what how how concerned were you about that and what what's been done to change it well that's a that's a lot of very complex subject number one we need to understand a data and part of our our task is really have the ability to capture the right data is one thing to to put the data out there that the numbers out there other needs to be some context to the numbers you'll who were stopping why we stop and in what areas and what the context of those stops and all that is important but it still doesn't take away from the fact that the numbers are disproportionate the arrest number than this the national problem this is a national issue rather arrest numbers wildly disproportionate in terms of uh particularly man of color that are in our prisons in our jails now that the oath that's i think something that we really need to understand and why they are so many issues the feed into this and it goes beyond policing but we have to do our part in part of that is collecting the right data having the technology.

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