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They do what they say. They're gonna do these. They govern to keep their word. You know? It's important, and I see the Republican party like coke blend and vote for. Or Republican expect to get a Brian. Hold that thought, Robb. We're going to go to a break pay some bills we come back. We'll we'll we'll finish up right there. My name is Pakistan. This is America today. The death toll is risen from northern California's big wildfire. And so is the number of people reported missing authorities now say more than six hundred or missing here's correspondent Scott McLean in paradise. The reason is because there are six hundred thirty one people now reported missing that number is twice as big as it was yesterday. And the reason is because the thorns are now going back through nine one one call logs in police reports that were filed in the frantic early hours of is to try to find any names that were missed the so-called campfire is now forty five percent contained. The White House says it will follow a judge's order and reinstate access to CNN reporter Jim Acosta. A lawsuit is pending alleging the White House violated his first and fifth amendment rights. A strong wintry storm is still dumping snow in parts of the northeast causing traffic problems and claiming at least eight lives that storm also caused widespread power outages. The Dow down just a few points. Here's Mitch Kelly from the one zero one five AM seven twenty AM K, dawn one Nevada credit union traffic center. Fifteen northbound in the area bunkerville, due to a bad wreck that occurred at mile marker one eleven just before four this morning traffic still being stopped on northbound. Quick reminder fifteen south closing this.

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