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We'd be we'd be folksy to Greece. Three. Gotta get back. I gotta do becoming the gate with the trouble. Doe. And it is big guy Rondo back. They got a good companies now. Yeah. That's gonna be big day dance on them lands. Lance and make them interesting because there's this other guy number two. Oh, that's the same. From the court. Name will be spoken on. Dr ingle. Evil. Why Leonard well he sat out again last night and didn't play the raptors loss to the Pacers. It's the fourth straight game y has sat out for what they're saying is rest the raptors are still eleven in three without number two in the lineup. This season heard you say that Shannon onto your breath. We're joined once again Eddie house, but I give. Yes. I mean, we gotta get your opinion. We're talking about here. What is going on here? I told you so. When the trade went down when the Spurs hand was finally so forced they had to shift number two up north to Toronto. I said, good riddance. And I said good luck Toronto because trust me on this. Number two is a weird, dude. And number two quit on the Spurs last year because they wouldn't let him get away. With what Toronto is now forced to let him get away with. They wouldn't let number to get away with faking or at least exaggerating a quote unquote injury, which was no more than a bruised thought by and yet the truth was he just wanted to rest for stretches last year, and he wound up playing nine out of eighty two games for Spurs team. Still had Tony Parker and still admonishing playing at a high level. And that team could have made a run last year. If it had its quote unquote, best player who flat. Out quick and forced his way out of town and up to Toronto. And now Toronto is stuck with him. And he SPN reported yesterday. They're doing everything in their power to accommodate this guy because they want this guy to resign long-term with Toronto. And I'm going to say good luck with long-term because he has figured out. He can beat the system he'll play three or four games at a high level, and he'll get he'll get some Indy p consideration you'll get a little buzzed going and all the sudden he just doesn't feel like playing and my man Tony Parker called him out late last year. Yeah. Tony parker. Had a ruptured quadriceps muscle ruptured it toward into in the playoff game against Memphis year bat and Tony Parker. Rush back because he thought they had a chance to win last year and he jeopardized his career rushing back. And so finally he came out late in the year in April and said my injury was a hundred. Times worse than that, gone, computer? Okay. But it was a bruised thought by in again, he now he's seeing ghosts. Now, he's imagining he's more hurt than he is. But he's also figured out. I can just beat the system here because I can play whenever I really feel like it. And you know, what somewhere Michael Jordan is just rolling his eyes over this. Because this guy is getting away with near murder way to go. Toronto easier Zoe that you need to stop heart..

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