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Bob coleco was doing the like pulling the stories together for the show, but rich was hosting it and keeping it moving. And you know, like rich also kind of had some broadcast style chops to him, of course. And you know, he was. He was really the perfect host for that incarnation of us podcasting because he did he did keep it on track. When rich laughs. It was. It's it really sucked. When when rich left it didn't like they're, you know, he, he had to move he. He had had to move back to Boston family reasons and all this other good good stuff. But it was definitely this feeling of just like we try to keep rich on for something and then it didn't happen. And I remember going to the guy who was my boss at the time, and this was after Greg cassava had taken off for a and I'm going to him and saying, hey, you know, we're like it might not seem like it now, but time is gonna come here were really going to regret letting rich Gallup walk out the door. And he just kind of, I don't know. I don't think he knew how to take that and. And that was rich was which was out. And so I started hosting the show around that time, but I, I don't know. I never especially wanted to host the podcast. It was a little bit easier to react to the host. Than it was to drive the conversation and. Be a part of the conversation. So. I did that for as long as it made sense. And then the same guy told, hey, you are undervaluing rich Gallup. Kicked me out of games. Showed me to HR who you know they went through whatever they, you know, whatever trumped up carpets they had made up to not make it seem like wrongful termination. And you know, then I was out and and to me this stuff that I missed it was it was the podcast. It was doing that podcast. It was because it was fun. It was. It was free form enough to where you know you're just you're kind of just reacting stuff. You're in the moment. You're just kind of making it happen. And to me, that was the most fun part about the podcast and doing anything live like like on the spot and stuff like that. So. Some months later when when we were working with digital Commons, the company that would become whiskey media. It. It was easy to sit there with Ryan and say, hey, here's the here. The two things about working at gamespot that weren't a fucking grind that we we didn't. We hadn't really started to actively dislike, and it was a podcast and you know that idea that kind of free for me live type stuff. You know the the tech to to go live on the internet was not what it is today. So you know that took some time. They're still video. I think it's on our twitch channel. There's an old video of me like pointing a webcam or I don't even know what it is phone. Probably not a phone, pointing something at a TV on the day that GTE four came out. But anyway, I don't know. We podcast because we had to like I felt like I felt like a real need to do it. So even before we had a name for the website, even before we had a name for a podcast. And all that sort of stuff. We started a podcast almost just to keep busy in a way because things were just slowly coming together. And I want to say that. We were, we were getting paid. I wanna say we were technically employee's at that point, but we may have actually started that podcast before we really kind of become. Part of the crew part of the comic vine slash. I guess there's no slash. It was comic vine and they were building political base Buca the car site, the car site, then. And so we started recording..

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