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United condemnation of what album of any zionist symbol you cannot display any more according to the iraqi parliament's latest action which criminalizes the display of for instance an israeli flag and they said this is an exercise that damages the reputation of the of iraq and and the country and the law punishes it but with the maximum penalty said the speaker of the iraqi parliament let's go through this slowly grow it is now according to the iraqi parliament which does not exist without the blood and treasure of the united states of america and its allies the iraqi parliament condemns the display of the israeli flag these are these are matters that have to be answered by the bush administration and the obama administration and now the trump administration because that is unacceptable conduct in an ally and would be rupp what would be reprehensible in an adversary is iraq an adversary what you certainly seeing this legislation this is aimed at the kurds because in in their proindependence rallies they often displayed israeli flags they feel kinship with this through how israel came into being they when echo which are also a lot of courage jews living in israel but they they feel this relationship and it the idea that any sign his thing which means any display jewish display could be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law is it's an outrageous measure and the fact that that it gets almost no coverage the voa i must say the voice of america did uh reported knowing have to see if congress will do something for us and we end america have welcomed a number of iraqi citizens over the years and made them american citizens they helped with america during its conflict way we have reason to believe that there are many iraqis who would regard this as appalling just appalling so speak out or at least seek some explanation for how it is that the united states is responsible for liberating an anti semitic conduct all right now we go to conduct that is acceptable this is uh senator mansions running for reelection i note from west virginia he has moved effectively to i'll remember the balfour declaration today they moved a resolution to commemorate the.

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