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And if they you get one to remember so yeah I do remember Sebastian balls really good in a play Jacqueline. He was amazing he was and then we ended up pouring beer on on each other's head and shooting catch up in each other's face at one point. I cornered you and then told you every one of the songs that you'd ever written in Iron Maiden. Oh Wow you're like yeah I know I know what song just reaffirming it. Exactly you. You last couple of questions for Adrian. It'll you've been on on a long tour. Do Love Fishing. Do you still get a chance to go fishing under days off once in a while I do as a matter of fact. I'm looking at my window a new source of Paul Minnesota and they've got Mississippi. I saw that was over the yesterday. Diana like up in Calgary a few die so begun down Bow River on your body dive Few Years Go. That's right. My cousin Chad Sprint speed took your fishing a couple of years ago. That's right yeah. Yeah and So doing that and Yeah the music fishing but see. That's the cool thing is is that we know how it is when you have days off and if you're just sitting around doing nothing you're just wasting a day and it's the worst feeling in in the world so some guys like all things. Some guys like to go sightseeing but to have that fishing outlet. That's probably a probably helps. You stay sane on the road. Yeah saw want me to do like say you know. Kiss your gets your air. It's actually quite good. Exercise All do walk in and get you out of fresh air. GET OUTTA hotel last couple questions. What's it's the biggest fish that you ever caught? Oh it's always thinking about today's appropriate sturgeon. I was in. I was in Vancouver once on I. I never even seen a sturgeon unquote one. So I went up to the Fraser River. Go gone went on a huge jet boat We go into these surge and these things are over one hundred pounds wow fi in the stojan arms literally hanging off king on a so. I'm not going to be out of play the show it is that one of those things where you have to strap yourself in and like slowly reel it in over the course of like an hour or two hours hours or something like that. Well we hope Senate this thing and go I'd put one of those Fighting Harnesses on me. It didn't quite strap me in. But you know you you stick a road in a in a sort of a harness that strapped to you then he just sat down and started rolling a cigarette. Like you know the Russia's GonNa take a while Oh you know so yeah those things you know. I don't think I even know what's going on. They so big they just kind of just keep going and you have to follow him. You know right right right. Because that's what they say like you know the lock. This monster could be a sturge in giant sturgeon or something like that because it's slow right last question. What's your favorite song on a play on this on this tour probably a good ago dot same join at one tune than like? I said it's always a pleasure to to hang out and have a chat with you. I'm glad we're able to work this out. Pleasure Chris thanks man. We'll see in a couple of weeks and have fun in the Pag Man Winnipeg great rock and roll crowds. The the prayed. Yeah well to might. Thanks choose Christmas thanks bye-bye..

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