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F and n news i'm days party florida man accused of killing his baby momma enter three son says he didn't do it henry cigarettes had to stand in his own defence saying he was not responsible for the brutal murders that shock tallahassee in two thousand as intent but he admits lying the police about his relationship with ex girlfriend brandy peter we did have something going on would i didn't feel like it was their business you we've had six it would eventually gave the murderer exactly on a murder door yes exactly has nothing to do with me having sex was on must six for life doesn't i have anything to do with someone getting killed closing arguments in the case was scheduled for tuesday in the judge says he wants this done by the end of the week during a short hearing in orlando a judge kept debra saint charles's bond at thirty thousand dollars st charles drove the daycare van in which three old miles hill die good monday st charles is facing a charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child a charger attorney took issue where the before the judge the primary issue would be whether she was for negligence was culpable whether that negligence was criminal the standard under the law as reckless disregard for human lied reckless disregard the safety of persons and based on the investigation in this case i don't think that standard was met the judge also granted a prosecution request for st charles not to be allowed to work in a daycare if she were able to bond out st charles admitted to investigators that she didn't do a headcount miles was left in the van all j during which temperatures may have reached a hundred and forty degrees st charles was arrested.

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