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Apple. Yeah, these things happen. We all make. It's all good. Okay. It was great while lasted. So about the apple being a mistake? Yeah, yeah, that's it. It's all good. We probably should just wrap this thing up. Again. I think we're, we're, we're rambling running out of talk. We did the, we did the entire week about the cat in the background. What is the Shatt? I've not paying to the cat classic dance name. It's up to, you know, this is domino and driven gone for five days. She really wants to be around us because she misses us. We literally got home and a half an hour later here we are. So I'm talking to you guys that MRs MS domino and she's a lover. She likes to clean Doug's hair all the time, and she jumps up on a all kinds of. He's been here for that. Is that business. No, no, she just while she gets extra love and and sometimes she gets to go outside and before she starts egress throw up. So I have two cats. I have two cats. Doug was not a cat person before he got here. Not that he was against cats. But if you remember that show that he instruct talked about a cat cat person people versus dog people, but now ducts kind of becoming a little bit more kaffirs of this. Would you. Would you love. At least. Jenny said it, I didn't have to go there. So thank you, Jenny. The other thing I heard that he might be a cat person, but some people save a little bit of pussy sauce. I think it was stricken. I think that's what. Okay. All right. Let's let's wrap it up. Come back on on Tuesday. A lot of great interviews. We including Jesus. Who was the fuck was on the Monday over Jinya moose keys. On, I'd forgotten. It was so long ago. I only mentioned it like five times so far today. Yeah. Hey, Tim, did you wash your hands? We've been watching. Well, okay, eight. Why did you get back in the car? Are you going out the dinner now. I had to forgot something I was. I was in a hurry. Apple bottle. Oh. From around one. Don't look. You're my show. This was this was fun. We have to do it again way. Yeah, this was fun. This was fun, Tim, you're right way Marcel. Say your say, your sendoff message they're saying, don't look for my show in the future to think is totally ruin chances, but. Oursel- nobody listens to the show. Don't you hear them right? Nobody ever listens to the show. I'm how we get about one hundred thousand downloads a month. We can't figure out how and where they're coming from. So it's all good anchors. Russian hackers. And that's where full circle. That's where we started on Tuesday. I believe. Ali, you're right next to Russia's that your work right there. The true accent comes out there. The end from Ali. All right. Let's head out of here. Tennessee, Tim, Paul Brown, Jenny Marcel. Ali JJ Haines. I love you by the way baby and Strickland. Bader always always a pleasure. Maybe by next week we'll have your your tesla in in place. I don't think it's going to happen that quick, but I appreciate the thought house. Oh, yeah, let's get the household. Let's start there. And let's get that hardly out of your garage here to LA one thing at a time. All right. Everybody on the counter three, Steve O'Brien. Take us out of here. Here we got one, two, three stay. That was. Six. For the nice guys on business. I'm Steven Brian. Thanks for listening, bartender, Doug. Here's going to have a Cosmo in stricklin is going to have a fireball on the rise, the little glass. Yeah. The big ones that twenty four ounce. Oh, and they both like a little umbrella, just gimme the bottle and charge him as much as you can.

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