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I watched the last one was like at four o'clock in the morning i had a dinner party at four o'clock in the morning with my best friend and we made all this like british food and watched it but i don't i'm going to be in florida visiting my family this weekend so i don't know are you going to get some of your cuban baked goods i hope so good all right we'll gabby i'm gonna keep you here because it's time for our bob's red mill baking break and i know that we use a ton of bob's red mill at smith canteen and one of the things that i think it was diana made it right yes it was incredible coconut poppy seed chai poppy seed cake inch shoes almond flour the bob's almond flour in it and what was the consistency of that it's very moist of the cake yeah it was like a really it was like a pound cake kind of yudin save me a slice just fyi sorry this went too fast we gotta make the money but i'm hoping we can make that again it was also really beautiful and i think we use bob's red mill coconut put the toasted coconut flakes on top the large coconut flakes and for i know the pop no i don't think the poppy seeds with there is but it was almond flour and the coconut on top and i've taken in a word we do these bob's red mill breaks every other show or so but i've taken the calling bob's baker's best friend and it really think they are they they make every day make everything they literally don't you want to do a roach about that or maybe not a road trip it's far but don't you went to visit yeah i wanna meet bob let's go maybe we can make that happen so i'm going to talk to the i'm going to talk to the powers that be here at heritage radio network and see see if we can meet bob but anyway so with bob's red mill you're not just getting quality you're getting flavor pack food that tastes amazing make short of his at bob's red mill dot com today and gabby that's it for today thanks for having thanking her stopping by you're going to have you back later.

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