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Do they do anything without trying to cheat or manipulate anything how do you cheetah kerr like what is going to help you out are all that's all i'm going to his coach said his food or drink was spiked but meanwhile the entire russian andrei team men's national hockey team like nine months ago the entire team was suspended for the exact same exact same drag on a drag is called nailed down em yup yup i i've i kinda want to believe yeah that that i'm pretty sure that is what happened he was it was spiked his food at his drink was spiked by by russian spy screwed up because he's trying to get us it is one of those pink panther things where he puts it in the wrong in the back room comes out as well here's you'll drink so and it's the wrong and they drank the wrong way jake the wrong goblet how do you i mean i yeah i don't have you been watching curling by the way honestly i did i wanted curley guy oswiecim curling yeah the us is still up for goal fun to watch it's because it's like shuffleboard human shuffleboard shuffleboard on is the sweeping i'd down lie was it was put your eye because i'm like they're going to hit it they're gonna they're gonna the danes added makes exports so sexy who is garrity chandler is transfers generally up in are now but when you see the curlers that's another athlete you're like i could do that oh everybody instantly those could be learnt be where's where's my curling arena where do i go to sign up for girlie curling league currently.

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