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He'll declare a national emergency to build his border wall. If there's no deal with congress by mid February Trump agreed to end a partial shutdown today for three weeks. The Senate has approved the measure the house expected to vote at five thirty democratic congressional leaders. Hope President Trump has learned a lesson. The government shutdowns don't work Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer says Trump learned another important lesson. No one should ever underestimate. The speaker house speaker Nancy Pelosi says unity is our power. And that's what the president underestimated early. Voting will start for the February election beginning on Tuesday. But only at the loop super site. It'll be open nine to five weekdays and Saturday and ten to four on Sundays early voting at the city's other wards sights will open February eleventh and now WGN sports. Here's Kevin Powell. Thank you, Kim. We are alive at SOX fast at the Hilton Chicago in downtown Chicago in salon be hawk Harrelson. Jason Bonetti set to stop by also hear from Rick Hahn right here at Asakusa, the bears have found some competition for Cody parkey signing Redford Jones, he kicked for three years at Tulsa head caught on with an NFL team. Just yet real you're not gonna believe this. But within about fifteen minutes of the bear sighting. This guy. Yes. Somebody found age. Jeff a video of him double drinking in college. I am not kidding. But at least he is there's video of him calling. Somebody a bad name in college true. But the double. Goes it. He actually made the kicks. So I'm looking at it. Now, it was actually it was it hit both. Oh, that's a nice one. So his doubling SCO in Cody parkey, double dykes Delco. I'll take so that's progress. Competition their bowls hosting the clippers bowls. I've lost ten of eleven..

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