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An so and of course the theory is that that the mocking of of donald trump at that event is what inspired him to run for president and in a way gave birth skulduggery into rental then we can all thank and thank the white house correspondents dinner because it's the white house correspondent's dinner one of the things we're doing on this show was we're having a kind of turning the lens on us on the press and we're gonna have a great panel of journalists to discuss the media and and our coverage of scandal so that should be right right and you want to give us a little we're very cool news to announce very coal news to announce which is that skulduggery is now going to be on sirius xm radio and sirius xm subscribers can now listen to us on the podium channel one twenty four every saturday at one pm eastern time with replays on sundays at two am eastern time and four pm eastern time so check us out all right well without further ado let's get started with our first guest please welcome the democratic senator from virginia and vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee senator mark warner senator looking thanks for being here although i just your earlier comments so we can actually blame the white house correspondent for the rise of donald trump one of one of many fathers to the trump presidency so let's look this is a show that's dedicated intensely and some would say obsessively to the scandals of the trump presidency starting with the russia matter you have called this famously called this when you started your investigation in january of last year that this was going to be the most important work you had done in your public life here we are fifteen months later give us an update on where you are in your investigation we've seen.

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