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The NASA Johnson Space Center episode one, Sixty, five astronaut and microbiologist I'm Gary Jordan and I'll be your host today. If you're new to the show, we bring a NASA experts to talk about all different parts of our space agency and sometimes we get lucky enough to bring astronauts to talk about their story. So today we're talking with Kathleen. Rubens she goes by Kate. She's a US astronaut who is about to launch to the International Space Station, this October twenty, twenty, four, her second long duration spaceflight she I, launched just four years ago for expeditions forty, eight and forty nine where she lived and worked in space for one hundred and fifteen days. For this podcast We're GONNA be talking about her education studying molecular biology cancer in virology. We talked about her first base flight and sequencing DNA in space for the very first time and we talked about her expedition, this upcoming mission where she may have a few extra helping hands joining her after launching from American soil. So here's a little bit about astronaut Kate Rubens enjoy. County. You. have out there. Kate.

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