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Oh, but in the pre on this season on it doesn't look like he's going to stay that way forever. But he's got like a big old beard and really really long hair. So that I'm I've been Katie Nolan, and that has been you're very Cavalieri update. Dude, it great. I'm so excited that was that was incredible have found a cool stick okay here. We are in the final four. Wow. I know. So we've got rocky here. The two matchups we've rocky versus the Mighty Ducks in a league of their own versus sandlot for bracket. It came down to pretty good. Pretty good end. I think it's a great bracket. It's just because you're husband listened to the podcast. Okay. So let's start with rocky versus the Mighty Ducks. Again. I'm no, it's not the it's not filling this out as like. S another thing we talk about all the time. We do these brackets is this like my favorites. Or is this like for the world? Like, oh, you can't. I might love Mighty Ducks. But you can't have them beat rocky. Here's the thing for the world. If you have somebody asked you for movie recommendation, would you recommend rocky the mighty the minded, oh, well, then for the world. That's the better pick. It's just so good. There's so much so much depth. Yeah. Yeah. There's a flame is the first one. Yeah. Okay. Ms wax worth quack quack, quack quack quack. Did it end? They scream like that. Yes. Kelly. There's drama. There's there's a redemption story for coach Bombay the media in general. Yeah. Oh in the old guy was the old guy. I liked him. Was it lar- homes hawn's manage like a dead that guys? How did she get that? Right. Get that. Right. K Dieter died kinda recently. Oh believe that's played haunts on these. So for him. I think we do Mighty Ducks. I'm sorry. I just picked the minded over rocky. I that doesn't feel right, but Mighty Ducks should have won best picture. I don't think that's actually not true. It's patently false. On the other side of the bracket a league of their own versus San lot. I wish there was more female representation in San law. Related to a lot of the characters. But it wasn't. I didn't see me. The only me was Wendy pepper corn. And she was not me. No. She wasn't me at all. She was way too dreamy. Yes. So dreamy. The kissing was weird as a little problematic. I know it's kids. But yeah. Giving him out to mouth. We haven't really talked about a league of their own what we liked about it yet. Well, first of all based on a true story. Did we say that? A fascinating story that I don't think a lot of people knew. Tom Hanks, Madonna. Oh, Rosie O'Donnell Gina Davis. Gina davis. Kevin Costner named one name. I I know Kevin cost. Famously. The way. May we already said it was a movie that was about sports that had a lot of the converse? There were scenes that didn't have men. Yeah. It was fascinating. Also, it was just a good movie. Like, I feel like nowadays we almost ruined a league of their own by marketing it the wrong way. Like, it was just a great movie. It was like rate. Interesting dynamic of these women and the sisters the sister kit kit, you're doing great, and I got this. I thought the relationships in it were incredibly interesting. Yeah. The character arc of Tom Hanks in his relationship with Gina Davis. The relationship of the sisters the relationship of kit, and Rosie O'Donnell and then the one who's really good. Bertha. Is her name Bertha? No, I think it's. No good. The one Marla Marla is it. Yes. Marla? I got there. Eventually, okay. She like my favorite is just looking at her. But not saying the hell trying to read on my getting in. And I just looked fine. Offering me much. They'd be my new thing on top of that. What I thought kind of elevates his movie in a way beyond regular sports movies is that they just wanna play baseball. But they have to do it in a way that makes it palatable to fan..

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