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73 degrees. Glendale, 70 in Inglewood, 72. Degrees in Fullerton and 8 46, the U. S Open Golf championship continuing this weekend, and it is a socially distance event during this era of the Corona virus. $12.5 million in prize money is on the line. So for an update, let's go live to the Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, New York. On K an axe. Westwood one Sports presents this special report on the 120 at the US Open Golf championship already this morning, plenty of players shaking their heads on the sloping and lightning fast greens at Winged Foot. The third round is shaping up to be another bloodbath. Patrick reads unscathed so far at four under, he has the lead to himself. I feel like the games where it needs to be. I feel good. I just need to tighten a few things up here. They're but a short game Sharpen. When you play around place like this. That's what you need. 2018 Masters champion has a one shot late over Bryson to Shambo, who is three under read into Shambo tee off in less than three hours. We checked the rest of the leaderboard. Sponsored by privilege in Justin Thomas, Rafa Cabrera, Bayo Harris, English or two under Jason Coke. Crack one under par on the course. Right now, John Pack the on Ly Amateur, the on Ly, native of the New York Mets. Trow area to make the cut from Scotch Plains, New Jersey with a birdie it too. He's plus four and eight shots back. I'm Ted Emmerich, Westwood one Sports 8 47 On kid Max. Homeless people living under to San Fernando Valley Freeway passes are expected to be housed by next month. It's part of a program led by the L. A Housing Services authority, aiming to provide a permanent solution for almost people agency says, trying to get 3000 homeless people into its rapid re housing and shared housing program citywide. Earlier this month in Galilee City Council voted to allocate tens of millions of dollars toward homeless housing projects and programs and to require more oversight of the way the money is spent. Has been a disturbing increase in violence and one L. A County city in just the last several days, someone in Pasadena was stabbed to death. Someone was shot and critically injured at a park and there was a car to car shooting. 20 bullets fired into a vehicle. There was a male adult who was struck multiple times at a juvenile female who was struck once both of them were transported to a local hospital tomorrow in critical conditions, and they are expected to survive. So did a bill grisafi with the Pasadena Police Department tells K. Next. They're adding extra patrols to calm At the wave of violent crime. So why Mohr violence don't have information don't know at this point. Obviously, there are issues going on with society right now. The covert covert situation. People are remaining home. I don't know if that has any direct correlation between the two incidents Pasadena police have confiscated about 200 guns. This year. There's but about 30 shootings, most of which were.

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