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Works and he wanted to go and he's gonna follow me and then we brought our bikes michigan and we rode back from the track back to the hotel in over one day and and it was just so funny because josh was so new to it and like within two years all of a sudden he's like this master triathlete going to europe and doing these things and and he so far exceeded me so quickly it's it's not even funny but josh's is super super fit and and i think you know he's got a job now with the help and train the drivers and doing stuff with ganassi and and he's a great guy but but we had a lot of good fun rods together to have you ridden like with the jimmy johnson group i have other ones don't really right with those guys i generally just go the race track on race day and unless we got a real good reason i'll go the whole weekend but gotcha so i don't drag them a bike along but yeah i don't ride with that crowd but the thing i'm getting into is new is a knuth new to me anyway is called gravel biking and you get a road bike that you can ride on trails gallo wider tires and better brakes on them and i've gotta gravel by glass fall and i've been riding the crap out of it around home and you can ride like horseback riding trails and and and some more natural surfaces and it gets you off the highway a little bit is just so much fun and older guy like me to to struggle to keep up with these young guys you know it's really a great change of pace so i've really enjoyed that so i'm hoping to do there's some events in the mountains of north carolina through the spring and the summer and i'm hoping to do a few those this year as much physical rejuvenation not just for you but for the drivers to do it as as mental it seems like maybe it's a good way to refocus.

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