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With us or in sports I'm Bernie been Riley Sheahan had a goal and three assists and Connor McDavid scored twice as the Edmonton Oilers wrote a strong start to a seven three victory over the Arizona coyotes Josh Archibald Sam ganar and Kylie Kaylee yum Amato and working night great also boarded for the Oilers who have gone six one and one of the last eight games Tyler rather Taylor hall Christian Voreqe and Oliver Ekman Larsson scores for the coyotes who have lost five of six Archibald was brought on a short handed breakaway just four minutes into the first period and said his sixth goal of the season for legs a category and I. T. Renata route rather Rhonda Edmonton made it's too well with six minutes left with when she handle hook the puck from behind the net to gang there who bank the shot from the VA in type on the side of the net off Ron to skate and for just a second goal of the season this is SO in sports around the NHL we see a lot of what is leading Calgary five with that too in the third period new Jersey's at Columbus coming up at seven eastern will also see Florida to trade Vegas a boundary all sandals in Philadelphia Chicago and Toronto and buffalo at Nashville delayed lord registered fourteen points a rebound as Merrimack nearly defeated Robert Morris fifty to forty nine at today give our essays had twelve points for Merrimack and they earned its for their their fourth consecutive win it this joiner added seven rebounds Robert Moore scored twenty six points in the second half of season low for the team AJ Brahma had sixteen points for the colonials who whose four game winning streak ends with a loss yet as Mandy added eight rebounds and Dante Tracy had seven assists the warriors level the season series against the colonials with the win Robert Morris defeated Merrimac sixty fifty eight on January fourth this is F. R. N. sports welcome back to the pain free relief actor dot com studios it's Larry elder but a lot of the Democrats win they don't stand with the protesters in Hong Kong but the standalone Friday with the people marching at zero I mean talk about having your priority keep up the good work the plate nine seven one S. A. G. E. triple eight nine seven one seven two four three very elderly factor constancy of to the left also hate religion and here you have this religious valid regime and they still are attacking trump stunning now.

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