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Festival it's the sixth annual juggernaut film festival is taking place at the music box theatre june second and third and one of the co founders of the festival tiffany keen is joining me and we have a very special guest joining us to tiffany can thank you for being here welcome thank you so much for having me so obviously you are a huge sci fi fan how did you come to found the festival well you know it's interesting story actually so i'm actually the founder of other world theater company and we are a local chicago board theater company and we are dedicated to the performance of science fiction and fantasy performance and the festival kind of came out as an idea to raise money actually for the theater because we i had just graduated from college totally broke had no idea how can i kind of started company what a low grace for it and i had been to a bunch of fundraisers and i always kind of follow them a bit boring and so i was trying to find a more innovative way to fundraise for the year which would define which the patrons and at the same time kind of cultivating other science fiction and fantasy san towards the narrative that i'm going to love and i do you know so many other individuals enjoy these stories as well so the first thing that we were fundraising for was the ray bradbury theater festival because ray bradbury with my favorite author of fantasy and he had this short story and it was called hot stuttering and short story there's a big giant screen that comes through town and there's this old woman she's on a portion she goes look at those juggernaut films and the idea yeah ding ding ding and that kind of idea of oh what if we put together a film festival and i really wanted to reach out to independent filmmakers because especially for short films they don't get a variety of ways to showcase their films they put them on wine but a lot of people just don't you know look for short films like internet so i started reaching out to so makers and we actually did the film festival before we were able to put on our first show and.

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