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The more quality better fight would be aerospace against. Arrows pinch junior against tyrod Terence Crawford. I think we'll wilder and Anthony Joshua. You're just waiting to see you get knocked out who gets knocked out. I think Crawford against. Arrow spins junior, you'd see a fight. That's not a knock out. Now. I'm not saying it wouldn't be knockout somebody might get knocked up. But what I'm trying to say that you wilder and Anthony Joshua. That's the only reason you're looking for in other words, don't you think triple would versus could love gin was a great fight. Absolutely. I'm saying did anybody get knocked that know what I'm saying is terrorists Carlson versus aerospace junior has the potential to be that kind of fight. Whereas you look at wilder Anthony Joshua ain't nowhere. Hell let's go in the distance Danny going to distance. I can't see that happening. They ain't going to somebody's gonna fall. That's where I would tell you about that. You think would get set up? I I don't know. I don't have any cool. I don't have any clue about that out. They both happened this year. I'll tell you that much. Appreciate the call. Thank you. Let's go to Grayson you'll obvious Stephen eight what's up, man. Going on even a big fan from Houston. Just want to ask what did the rockets have to do to make their playoff push against the Golden State Warriors say healthy over say, healthy, stay healthy and have somebody other than James harden. Make noise offensively. So it needs to be someone other than harden. This all regular season tactic with hardened taking over the game. That's not gonna fly in the play. Well, I don't think it's going to fly from a one dimensional perspective. I still think that hard is going to have to drop thirty plus, but I don't think it's going to be it's he's gonna have to do his it just can't be one dimensional. It has to be something where we're able to look at it and say, hey, wait a minute here. James hotter has to have help you a one man on me cannot beat the Golden State Warriors. It's not going to happen. All the guys got to step up. There's going to have to be a collective effort. You're going to have to play better defense, and Chris Paul's going to have to stay healthy, and you're going to have to get off into production. Whether it's from him or somebody else other than hearted. Those three things have to happen for the Houston Rockets to knock off the Golden State Warriors. Here's foggy at least six or seven and for one of these games games. And come down to the wire. Who's who's gotta be gotta be Chris baller? James harden with the ball. You know, you're annoying me. I just answered your question. How much of a better answer? Can you get? I said Chris Paul has to say healthy you have to get off the production from someone other than audit. I don't care who it is. Whether it's Chris Paul regarded, click got to be one in approval to play that I'll say to you. It's not about Kim for re Clint cappella PJ tuck you've got to get with us. Chris Paul Erik Gordon. Somebody's got to step up offense. They gotta play better defense. And they gotta stay healthy. They has to happen for you to win bought to be go to state that has to happen. How much more clear of an answer? Can you get? I guess, you know, thanks for the call. Jill you'll lava Stephen what's up. Hey, Hey, Steven steven. H Smith just jewel kits from Bloomfield hills. Michigan..

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