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That honors him it's not just enough to praise him We must commit to his unfinished work to deliver jobs and justice to protect the sacred right to vote the right from which all other rights flow Tennis player Novak Djokovic arrived home in Serbia today after being turned away by Australia for not being vaccinated at home he was greeted like a hero He could be barred from the French Open later this year Officials are finally getting some surveillance flights out over Tonga after that huge undersea volcanic eruption Again you mentioned what we see on social media and online of the huge impact of the volcanic eruption the earthquake and also the tsunami It still isn't clear how many people may have been injured because communications been cut off but at least two British citizens are said to be missing This is CBS News Never miss a moment top news from 24/7 360 five listen on air on Alexa and on the WTO PF This is a special alert It's 1203 on Monday January 17th 2022 37 and windy today up for 30s and mid 40s Good afternoon I'm Deborah Feinstein And I'm Shayna stool in the topical stories we're following this hour Montgomery county's interim superintendent has been widely criticized over her handling of COVID-19 and communicating with parents But two former school board members say doctor monifa mcknight should be hired to serve as school chief for the next four years She's the right person for this time That's how two Montgomery county school system veterans sum up their plea to have the current board of education hired doctor money for mcknight as the next school superintendent Mcknight is currently the interim school's chief the letter to the current school board comes from Michael durso and Jeanette Dixon both of whom worked as principals in the county school system and served on the board of education They say mcknight has been under quote excessive scrutiny but that she knows and loves the system Mcknight most recently apologized for failing to communicate effectively with the school community Kate Ryan WTO P news Just a couple of days into his term as Virginia's 74th governor glennon is finding himself in an intense political battle Right after being sworn in on Saturday he signed an executive order ending the mask mandate in public schools And shortly after that school system started pushing back saying they would keep their mandates in place and that's including in fairfax and Arlington county as well as Andrew Alexandria city schools Stephen farnsworth Professor of political science at the university of Mary Washington joined us earlier to talk about how he thinks this is going to play out Well like any contentious issue in American politics this is going to end up in a courtroom The mandate may or may not be consistent with the governor's authority And so those communities like Arlington county and Richmond city that have already said that they will keep their mask mandates in place will be challenged I'm sure as well as the governor's order itself Junkin has said he'll use state resources to try to force school systems to comply with his executive order Well with the national debate over voting rights legislation once again in the news hundred marched across the Frederick Douglas bridge carrying south capitol street over the anacostia river in the name of voting rights as part of the annual Martin Luther King peace walk The.

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