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This daily maintenance barbie cologne and why not get your clean. The first thing in the morning right so he can go to on gillet all day and then maybe might get drank at three o'clock in the afternoon strongly. What would you wait that long. We don't have time to waste everybody thinking long term. It doesn't exist no law. You gotta act now so if you don't know where to kill it s an imaginary organised below your stomach and above your wet them so he story hate our mission here. Each and every day is to get your morning started right. Get you a little bit of love so you go on with your client facts because i do serve this community. I was on it in the poconos. I instill aren't react for has a right now. You were there not making this up their show a good time to. We have the pictures to prove right here on the wall. Yeah so that's an auto re and that's the king of the morning drive here which to join us joining us. Join us leanness. Let's give also ralph applause here now on top of that you can feel free to call in the numbers five seven zero nine two six nine five zero or i like to say foss seven zero ninety two thousand since we're talking about love living in life right. Guess what it's going down. Protein fastly approaching sunday night last barbecue. It sure is sunday april eighteenth. Two thousand twenty one at the iron mill restaurant is located the ira who is located eight thirty. One south delaware dr hearing the great city of eastern pennsylvania. Bingo doors open up. Thought pm showtime six hosted by your boy. That's me sean harvey. I'm not your ordinary comedian. When i get on stays i- spasm right barbagallo. Yeah yeah. it's sending off. Bobby crew going to be if you've never met bobby. Cologne lives in person. Guess what she's to be there in the building a doubletree ooh may al does tell jokes my other home. He's gonna tell some just but guess what new york king is. Their talent laois. The guy laroche improvement. The only place you need to be is because check this out bobby cologne because the new sundays saturday night i hear that the your king talent will be in the building. Please call me reserve your table. The numbers five seven zero nine six and kit you laugh on on the everybody in the building laugh on people. Then check this out. We're not done. We're gonna go to mother's day. I got a mother's day special for you're not gonna believe this. Oh bring everybody out day. Like mothers day comedy. Yes sunday yes yes yes yes yes yes come on out. I got a special announcement about that. The tasha face. Tony bird hunting races in the building. That's may the knife now tonight on the union new jersey tomorrow in another part of jobs. I can't even remember to sweet car. West orange. put the information and coupon and also thanks for my peoples who are going to costa rico. All this right because you know we ain't gonna get to this. Yeah know that this is going to be less so thank you so why. Y'all coming into the chat room. We'll say good one while you know. I get this out the way costa rica july twenty second through the twenty six. We're in the building. Guess what it's going to be there short sean. Harvey is going to be there. And i think cindy j. is going to be there. Some of this equipment will be there to. We're to broadcast a few shows barbecue. You get a few coins for that too. Oh i like going. Yeah y'all come on out to costa rica. Hit me up sean. Harvey go to my pager. Had the link. They'll put the lincoln group who later today. We are going down to ultimate escape. Twenty twenty one. Hit me up with the information we butch of us are going down there and this officially over five hundred people in the building. How what's going to be a party. It's gonna be a party. Let's go in a building bingo. Get now. I wanna start off the show with this particle Charlotte and ninety four point. Five the wave louisville. Set your your your deck this on what we remember before we start to show remember a few weeks back when i said that tanya. I was watching these scary movies. This woman is into scary movies. Which i thought was strange and then we watch this move came remember the name of it. The the whatever it was called and then in the middle of the night she jumped up and said she heard things saying that right not jumped up and started yelling in house. Could laser didn't get the ham. I didn't think that was needed. But i got. What was i going to escape and told you that a came outside the house and there was this black young black girl that looked. Like a hippy. From woodstock the hands right by it scared the crap out of mobile. yep guess what. Barbie could laugh. When i came home from atlantic city sunday out the no i saw the girl again. Okay in the middle of the day. This is a young lady that probably lives in the neighborhood she probably living neighborhoods demonic. Nope she was free. For eleanor arms. Again listening to she was dancing. Shoes dancing you see lamet justin david. We was praying all morning. I didn't mind the prayers. He you all scary scared. What because we are seeing this woman. I was like yes. I was not being haunted by the team. This is just the local young lady that lives in the neighborhood. I felt so good about that because of personal inventories as big. Sometimes you take a personal inventory and you think about what's happening in your life and like it got me you morning sponsored by ninety four point five the wave and then that front page news by cj sponsored by w. f. l. exit rochester hills folks pleasure. So when i saw this young lady probably cologne put. Everything went back into perspective off in my mind. I will thank everybody for praying for me that they we. We all did. Have a big press here as you had to prayers at three. I think everybody in the chat room was scared. No you only one. That was scared. Showing everybody rob stapleton is called new york kings calling in at eight thirty. We want to talk. You'll comedy and what he's going through sports and all that now. I just meant to tell you guys at yesterday but i forgot so the young lady is a young lady that lives in the neighborhood because i saw it it was clear as day was like four thirty in the afternoon. Could have been david coming back to let you know stone combat. Yes they don't come. You don't see tonight in in the daytime as a demon to nighthawk. You'll see the valley freeway. Hey sean hey. Dan body no on. We are wasting There's a story. I want you re for me if you don't mind.

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