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As counting continues across the country, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker releasing a statement on this day after the election. Governor says, regardless of who wins, the challenges facing the Commonwealth and the nation remained defeating the pandemic, building the economy and supporting those who need help in these difficult days lost in their body wells asking for patience when it comes to counting in the presidential race, so we want everyone just let's stay focused on the count. Let's stay focused on the states where we still looking to get the results so we can understand who is going to be our leader for the next four years. Turnout in Boston reported to be more than 63% Monsters medical director is urging residents to scale back expectations for holiday gatherings this year. Dr Michael Hirsch says it would be risky for people to hold gatherings of more than 10 people. Amid rising numbers of cases of Corona virus. I'm Ben Parker. I. Heart radio goes one on one with a year's Alia to discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between life and career. You have to be able to live your life. You never know what's gonna happen. How long you get to enjoy your career or any of those things, and I think that it's important to maintain a good balance and be a healthy human. Being otherwise, for me, is an honest something I could get, too caught up in. What if my single doesn't work out and when you don't have anything else, so you don't have a friendships or normal relationships with human beings outside of work, It could really seem like the end of the world. When, when Things are going bad. And being an artist is such a roller coaster that think you have to have other things that you could go off and do and be functional and normal. Have to go cook like breakfast and go make bacon and eggs and just have a good day listening to I heart radio for more Give Alia and all your favorite artists I heard radio goes one on one with Demi Lovato gives her thoughts on using social media to connect with fans. It's not one of those things that you can say you were better off with or without. You know, it's opened up a lot of communication between artists and fans, and because of social media. It's so quick, so I like it and you can use social media for good things like spreading the awareness of things that you're passionate about, But you know, at the same time, it's like a long as you don't live on social media is bad is probably eight year old people think Keep listening Toe I heart radio for more from your favorite artists. I heart radio goes

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