Control of the Senate is a razor-close proposition in the election


Several incumbent U. S. senators who are facing stiff challenges held on to their seats while the recent Georgia won't be over until January Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was in a tight race but has won reelection in Kentucky it was neck and neck for south Carolina's Lindsey Graham and his democratic challenger we did it Graham was victorious and has a message to Democrats that voters like what he's doing view an active gender you're talking about we're going to bury it in the Senate because it's bad for America an Alabama Senate seat flipped former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville forced out Democrat Doug Jones while in Colorado former governor John Hickenlooper defeated incumbent Republican senator Cory Gardner as for Georgia there's a runoff race January fifth between incumbent Republican Kelli Leffler and democratic challenger pastor Raphael Warnock who's hoping to become Georgia's first black U. S. senator Jacqui Quinn Washington

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