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I'm not saying you. You trade for plan. Because he fits into your offense because ideally you tried for a star. We weren't rework your offense that he fits exactly in suitable delay sets they rome with the bigger. That's the key You'll see different senior when delicious. The shot lincoln. You know the the ability to actually be that hub the scoring of not just the play making the top And lewke lights. The troy brown junior pick up as well. He's a guy who lies at. Bongo was buried on the wizards bench again. In those delays sets. You need secondary ball handlers. Guys who can come off. Screens and ronald fence is playmaking. If someone who can't doesn't really get much shine how many minutes his playmaking very nice. Raincoats of the chicago bulls offense so just generally a while. They did a lights. The fitness the guys. They talked it again. Unique could quite easily see thais running. Those delays saxon. Adding off to. Kobe was initially move to a soul. Sick mom robot just full of the place they tell it made sense for the system. Donovan strana run. Yeah i totally agree with that. And i think the biggest thing for me to In looking at what chicago did does it. Move them into being entitled contender hill. But i don't. I don't really care about that. And i think it's i think that's what most frustrated me about the trade deadline because that was the immediate referendum. Like oh will. They traded for of cool. But that doesn't make them title. Contender out agree with you to joe. Like i mean isn't he's probably not quite as valuable. As zach levine. Kazak latinas having like a ridiculous ridiculous shotmaking year As become one of the best on ball off scores in the league but has been like a legit top thirty player this year probably last year to maybe even the year before then he's just been fantastic offensively and i think he's a little bit better defensively than people. Give him credit for this because if you put them in the right he's good enough at not failing and being in the right position he's not vertical threat to really protect the rim. That much But i think. I mean he's been part of some solid defenses in in orlando and he was the starting five there so you. Can you can picture it. Working out And he's definitely improved quite a bit over the last years as well But again my main point like. I think it's just important that that chicago is focusing on being good because to me either rosser over the last year or so felt very much between like a push poll of like trying to be competitive now and trying to develop young guys and it's very very difficult as anybody who's pacers phanor follows the pacers. That's not an easy thing to both. Develop your young guys and be a win now. Team and chicago was floundering at doing that. Frank as we saw how things have been handled with lowery markkanen window carter and even to an extent. Koby white I think the fact that they're now signifying. Hey we have zach levine. Having a career. He's twenty five k. Headed into his prime. We're going to at least give this a chance to build around and see what you can do because if you keep playing guys who aren't yet there and ready to be win now players. You're both stunning their development and holding back levin so. I liked that they went on..

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